10 August 2014

Review : Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants & Systema Spiral Toothbrush


Name : Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants Sakura Whitening
Price : RM5.90 (220g bottle)
RM7.90 (550g refill pack)
 RM13.90 (650g bottle)
Avaibility : All the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide

Shokubutsu is one of my favourite brands when it comes to bathing soap
I've used it since school and my family also uses it till now.
The all favourite that we love to use is the Orange Peel and Green Tea
But now they have added more chicoes to choose!

The new Shokubutsu Japan Original’s Triple Power of Plants has been created from years of profound technology advancement by researchers of Lion Japan. The breakthrough Japan Original formula provides complete care by gently cleansing, restoring and nourishing skin. It further promises users 100 per cent plant cleansing ingredients for natural mild and gentle cleansing, 100 per cent plant restoration for lively radiance skin and 100 per cent plant nourishment for healthy skin. The renowned shower foam helps skin to restore lively radiance, with the enhanced power of Nuka Oil (Rice Bran Oil), a Japanese anti-ageing secret that contains Oryzanol and Vitamin E, a natural source that is rich in antioxidants. 

Shokubutsu Japan Original is recognised for its superior lather with just one pump. It is also known for its non-sticky and easy rinsing formula that will leave you refreshed after a shower. Not only will Shokubutsu make you feel great, but smell great too, with its enchanting nature infused long lasting scent, that is sure to captive your senses throughout the day.

Spoiling consumers for choice and providing them with a formulation that suits their individual skin needs, the new Shokubutsu Japan Original Triple Power of Plants comes in five unique variants from refreshing Orange Peel sensation to the relaxing Green Tea Harmony.

What I love about the Sakura Whitening of course is the scent.
It smells really great and when I recieved the package itself, even before unwrapping I could smell the awesome scent. Even my bathroom smells a whole lot like this shower gel.
And this is made from organic ingrediants.
The one thing I didn't like is the packaging for this 220g bottle.
Why? Well it's lid can't shut tight. Its loose and I don't think it won't survive travelling with this bottle.
Even when I received the package, the soap was already spilled throughout the whole package, thank goodness the box was waterproof so I could was the soap of the package.

The texture of the soap is really light, almost like water already but still enough to produce much bubbles. Surely after each shower I feel really refreshed and the best part is I smell really good too.

So below are some other types of The Triple Power Plants Shokubutsu offer

Floral Delight
Iris Oil
Soft & Supple skin
Sakura Whitening
Sakura Leaf
Fair & Flawless skin
Orange Peel Sensation
Orange Peel Oil
Firm & Vibrant skin
Green Freshness
Grape Seed Oil
Revitalise & Shine skin
Green Tea Harmony
Green Tea Leaf
Rejuvenate & Renew skin

Right now my favaourite one is still Green Tea, but all of the just smells really great.
You  might find it difficult enough to choose your favourite.
Trust me

And below is another product to introduce


Name : Systema Spiral Toothbrush
Price : RM8.90 (pack of one),  RM17.80 (pack of three)
Speciality40% Cleaner without Brushing Hard
Avaibility : All the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide

So till then peeps.


  1. Nice review mira! Pika pun dah try this two..and the My Shokubutsu almost finish now! hahahaa..
    but pika totally loving the Systema toothbrush.. I feel the different compared to any others toothbrush have I tried before.

    1. I know right? I addicted gila dengan bau dia. LOL

  2. erm as much as i like shokubutsu scent but I have sensitive skin and their shower gel are too strong for my skin...nice review!

    1. Yes it may depend on a person too if able to use or not, btw thank you Cindy :)


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