04 August 2014

Review : Natta Cosme OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Another great product again sponsered by Natta Cosme
Ok honestly saying, the first time I recieved this I had no idea how to use it.
Cause I got confused either it was to be dropped in food or to be applied at my skin, since its Vitamin C. And yes I tried reading the description at the back but it was all in Korean.
My mum also got confused too but for safe precautions I googled first.
So its not for eating definitely. Thank god I havent opened it yet that time.

So since I've googled about this Serum of course I came across loads of reviews, you might find it as well if you did the same thing as i right? So let's make my review just simple, cause definately you guys would not be reading my long essay on this product if this is the 3rd review you came across.

So first let's see what's special about this OST Serum

As you can see above, this serum is loaded with Vitamin C and everyone knows the benefits of Vitamin C right? But have you guys ever wondered what a boost of Vitamin C does? Its all above.

The serum is in a liquid form. Not so like water, a little bit saturated that enables to apply the serum easily without it dropping off the face. It smells like the freshly peeled orange juice and it has that sticky effect too. You know when your cutting oranges and the juice gets all over your hands. It feels like that to me.

So as you can see the Serum shows a shiny effect to the skin and maybe that's one of the reasons why its used a night. Once applied to the face I felt the most uncomfortable feeling ever like applying fruit juice on your face with that sticky feeling. And for me it even gave me a bit of a sting too. And even when I left it on my face to dry off the sticky feeling is still there.

But then the next morning I woke up with satisfactory results, my face felt moist and smooth than ever, after a week used I noticed that my blackheads and pimple scars started to recover. 
Since the results were showing I didn't want to stop using this serum. My aim is for a nice and beautiful skin, so to minimize the sticky effect of this serum I applied a few drops of my serum together with my toner so that my skin feels more refreshed before I go to sleep. So it made me more comfortable to sleep at night wihout the sticky feeling.

After 2 weeks used here are my results. If you guys are my loyal readers you guys would have known already that my face was not in a great condition with all the pimple scars and blackheads. But now it has reduced a lot. Well you can see its not completely gone, but its still better than nothing.
Besides Vitamin C is always good for you.

Product Name : OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum
Retail Price : RM99 (30ml)
Where to purchase: Natta Cosme Website

If you purchase now you can get it with a price of RM79.20
Just head down to their website

Before I end this I would like to Thank Natta Cosme for introducing me to another great product.
Can't stop using this now. Its just a great serum.

Till the peeps!


  1. thanks for sharing your experience babe! mine was the same too. i found it sticky but i just bear with it, hehe! it helps in lightening my acne scars as well, love it!

  2. Mmg tgah cr product yg hilangkn acne scar..my face da terukkk...nk try la jgakk


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