24 August 2014

Review: Maybelline's All New The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara


Name: Maybelline New York The Falsies Big Eyes Volume Express Mascara
Price: RM45.90
Usage Purpose: Big Eyes Effect, Lift Upper Lashies & Magnify Lower Lashses
Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

Well Maybelline's new creation might just solve your problem.
The picture below is taken from Maybelline Malaysia's Instagram

With a mascara to solve every girls problems, Maybelline has now created 
The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara.
This mascara is promising Bigger Wide Open Eyes

Let's see either The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara really works.
So I'm gonna do a comparison with the current eyeline I'm using right now.
Maybelline New York The Rocket Volume Express which now is my current favourite.

Don't be surprised cause this waterproof mascara consist of 2 brushes.
One for the Upper Lashes and one for the Lower Lashes

The Upper Lashes Brush
Fuctions to pushes lashes up and wide.
To my surprise this type of brush actually made me apply mascara quite easy without a lot of smudge.
And it did push up my lashes without me having to force it to.

The Lower Lashes Mini Brush
Functions to grab and coat every tiny lash
And I am very impressed with this brush, cause it was damn more easy to apply mascara on my lower lash without having a lot of smudge.
The lower brush is just amazing for me cause I didn't even have to cover up any smudge with powder anymore. It worked in one try, but of course I applied 2 and 3 more. LOL

And this is the brush for The Rocket Volume Express.
Well I still love this mascara cause its light and not too sticky but for the lower lashes it's still a failure for me, so this means I'm now falling in love with the new big eyes.
Feeling unfaithful. HEHE

So earlier I said this review is suppose to be a comparison.
If The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara really did work you guys would already have guessed.
I used The Falsies Big Eyes on one eye and The Rocket Volume Express on another.
Try determining which eyes is which.

So have you guessed it?
If the mascara did a good job you guys would have picked
Well for me I kinda saw my right, which from your side is the Left one slightly is bigger than the other eye. So for me the mascara is doing its job properly.
A big plus for me cause I hate wearing false lashes and love the way how these falsies are making my eyes looking bigger as natural as possible.

Till then peeps.

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