08 August 2014

Review : L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10


Name:  L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10
Price: RM39.90 (50ml)

Usage Purpose: Instant brightening, Fairer skin, Even tone, Reduced dark spots, Shine control, Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-oxidation, Anti-pollution, Anti-oiliness.
Avaibility: All Major Local Pharmacies 

The all new L,Oreal White Perfect Total 10
What is so special about this Day Cream?

So with all the benefits mentioned above does it really works?
Well let's see about my experience using Total 10

The best thing that I love about the Total 10 is that it comes with a press cover which makes it more easier to travel with and its more hygenic as well.
The texture of the cream is really light.
As mentioned before, before this review I was currently using the L'Oreal White Perfect Cream which was in white colour which seems to be much thicker and creamy than the total 10 cream.

A month ago I wrote a blogpost when  just received this Total 10 Cream.
If you've missed it here is the link here
The reason why I didn't want to make a review back then is that I really wanted to know either the cream really is effective, so I postponed the review until now so I had time to really try it out.
Besides, just on time my old day cream ran out, I recieved the Total 10.

So what the cream promises are

In One Week
Skin feels less oily for 89.3% of women*
Skin looks less shiny for 87.5% of women*

In Four Weeks
Dark spots look less visible for 88% of women**
Number of dark spots looks reduced for 76% of women**
Skin looks flawless for 61% of women**
Skin feels less oily for 91.1% of women*
Skin looks less shiny for 98.2% of women*

In Eight Weeks
Dark spots look less visible for 94% of women**
Number of dark spots looks reduced for 82% of women**
Skin looks flawless for 80% of women**
* Self-Assessment on 56 Asian women
** Self-Assessment on 51 Asian women, age 20 to 45
(Information Taken From L'Oreal Paris)

So did it really work for me?
Well for week 1 I totally agree, I did feel my skin to be rather less oily and shiny as usual. Made me more comfortable going out with a nude face. I felt like my skin actually breathing.

Well after 4 weeks, a month, I agree that my dark spots has reduced and also feels less oily and shiny, but I don't quite feel that I look flawless. There are still my pimple scars to be taken care of.

So how does my skin look like after a month using White Perfect Total 10?

This picture is not edited and for sure I ain't wearing any powder or makeup.
It's totally my naked face.

And yeah, for best results. You should also try the White Perfect pH 6.5 Foam, a gentle cleansing foam suitable even for sensitive skin. With a pH level close to milk, White Perfect pH 6.5 Foam helps to thoroughly cleanse skin while protecting skin’s barrier. Follow with a toner and White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer to score the perfect 10 for fairer and brighter skin.

Till then peeps!

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