19 August 2014

L'Oreal Paris Miss Selfridge MatteAbout You Contest

If you girls are totally into beauty and cosmetics of course you guys would have heard about the #matteaboutyou contest
And somehow I got to be 1 of the top 10 finalist for the running to be Miss Selfridge and win a trip for 2 o Paris.
OMG... Parisssss... 

Honestly I never expected that I would be chosen for the 2nd round.
I entred the contest just for fun at first and of course I loved the Matte Magic Powder.

So anyways, when I knew I was selected for round 2 a first I didn't believe it,
I thought that it was somekind of a joke or someone wanted to prank me or even maybe Loreal had some technical system problem or something.
Well, I'm not trying to bring myself down but this is how I actually felt.
This contest is basically of course is about beauty and well beauties that usually are selected for these kinds of competitions are of course the ones that looks like the front cover of a magazine.

At first I really thought maybe I should just back out rather than himuliate myself.
Cause round 2 I had to compete for a Miss Selfridge look which I certainly knew that I would have a major problem dressing myself.
But then I thought again if I backed out, would this show that I myself have no self confidence in me at all? What if I maintain this kind of attitude, will it cause a darker future for me cause I show lack in confidence? Well I tried to be optimistic and put myself to the challenge.

We were given about 3 or 4 days before round 2 to come out with our look. Some of the contestants went to Miss Selfridge's store themselves at Mid Valley to try out some of their outfits but since I had a busy weekend I never had a chance to head down to Mid Valley before the competition.

So of course the results were disastrous for me.
Imagine 10min of choosing an outfit, plus Miss Selfridge is very new to me and another plus is that I'm wearing a hijab of course I needed to choose something properly covered.
Just thank goodness I prepared every inch of inner I could think of to fully cover my body parts. For those who wears hijab would totally understand this feeling right?

And I owe a lot to Shivani, it was the first time I met her and she is awesomely very friendly and helpful. Since I had a lot of struggle choosing an outfit she was kind enough to help me out.
She surely has my full support for winning this contest.

Okay, so after 10 min, we had our outfits in our hands so there was 30 min to get ready with make up.
I thought 30 min would be enough, but no. I was the last one done actually.
First I had a problem with my skirt, well obviously that everyone was tall and I'm like the shortest there, so my skirt dah terlebih panjang and I looked like a penguin.
So they tell me I could change into their pants, but what they have is skinny jeans like the really tight ones. And I'm like crying whyyyyyy... Jeans dis of course cantik, but I really can't wear it.
First cause I'm not skinny and second cause its not a proper attire for me.
So they let me where my own jeans.

The second problem came for make up.
Goshhh... I really had a hard time doing my make so I after I applied foundation and My all new Matte Magic Powder I put on my hijab.

There came the serious problem where my hijab was misbehaving and I couldn't get it to turn out the right way, and I was being pressured by the time which was almost 15 min left.
When I finally got my hijab slightly how I wanted to, I had like about 5 min to get my make up done. 
That time my hands where shaking and I did a horrible touch job doing so.
And time was over, but I still was struggling with make up.

And then shoes, I haven't put them on yet and the 3rd task was about to start.
The last task was the task which I thought I was gonna have a complete breakdown.
Padahal tangkap gambar sendiri je pun.
But somehow it turned really horrible, I was a mess and I had a price tag stuck on my but.
It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever when I had to take pictures where there was a lot of people walking around.
The picture taking did not turn out so well, I looked extra fat. 
And it took me more than 15 minutes to get the right photo taken.

Well, when all that was over we had a group photo.
Here are the 10 finalist and they all look gorgeous!
And for sure I felt a bit not belonging there since all of the rest were like tall and skinny.
While I was the complete opposite.
(Ohh please Mira, get a grip.)
Okay okay, I don't look that bad do I?

Well at least I had a nice experience from the competition.
Plus so loving the goodies that L'Oreal gave us.

And with all these goodies, this MATTEABOUTYOU look was created
So what do you guys think?
I would be really pleased and grateful if you guys would help out and vote for me.
Not anything hard but just to like my photo below at L'Oreal Paris Facebook Page

Thank you so much for your support.
Till then peeps


  1. VOTE FOR YA!! Wahh tahniah ye sebab terpilih... All the best! Ena pun suka sangat produk loreal...

  2. I definitely voted for you dear! dont feel so down okay? this is just a challenge to get dressed and makeup. imagine the pressure bila you dah kerja nanti kejar deadline dengan segala masalah hidup nak kena settle, lagi disastrous XD best gila you dapat join!

    1. Thanks Mieza, I feel slightly better now. Girls will always be girls right? Hehe

  3. Voted for you!! And shivani as well..huhu...waahh i can only imagine how hard that was...kalau i, i would've just gave up...but in the end...you look soo gorgeous..tu yg penting....go mira go!!

  4. Goodluck !! Proud of you coz you the only girl wearing hijab that selected to the finals..Fuyooo..

    1. Tu la, mira pun terkejut jugak Pika. Kalau Pika masuk mesti you would have done better. Patut belajar fashion tips dengan Pika ni.


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