22 July 2014

Review: Shizen's Silky Renewal Gel

Shizen's Silky Renewal Gel 
Available at all Shizens Outlet

So what does the Silky Renewal Gel do?
Well as you can see it removes dead cells, clean the pores and makes skins smoother.
It also increases skin metabolism, improve blood circulation and for looking radiant.

With a nice tip its easy for getting the right amount of Gel to use.
And for sure you guys won't want to waste it since you've seen the price right?
Me myself nak pakai pun rasa sayang gila. LOL

So anyways why did I choose to have this product?

Forgive me for my hidious pictures but I just want to be honest with all my readers.
Well some of my blog readers claim that I have a clean face well actually I have really bad pores!
Blackheads and whiteheads with pimple scars all in a complete package,
And they are all the stubborn ones which is so hard to clean off.
Especially at my nose.
As you can see clearly whiteheads coming out and it such himuliating sometimes cause people close to me can see them popping out.
Its really uncomfortable also when my face gets oily.
I had this problem for a long time already and I've tried many things to keep the pores off but its won't come of easily.
Sometimes it just makes my nose red and with big holes.

So I'm trying this to see either this solves my solution.

So I just tested this out this week.
It says to use twice a week, so I applied it just before bedtime.
I cleansed my face with warm water and then applied the Gel.
But its not to be applied there all night, you guys have to rub the gel.
Make sure to rub hard until you can't feel the gel anymore.
Once done wash your face again.
Take note that this Gel is for the whole face.

The results are like the pictures above.
Well I still have pores sticking out but still it has reduced.
I'm telling ya my pores are stubborn as ever, but I've just tried this twice.
Maybe after a month used might show better results right?

Anyways, I would love to thank Shizen's Malaysia and also The Butterfly Project for this.
There is one more item that I will share with you guys soon.
Keep updated.
Till then peeps.


  1. Replies
    1. Okay, worth it la dengan price dis. hehe

  2. Pores are my problems, too, you might want to try using pore strips. I've been doing this every week for years now and it has helped in reducing my pore size. I guess it helps when we clean our pores so the dirt don't build up inside, making them bigger :) www.celestechoo.com

    1. I've tried many types of pore strips already but it doesn't seem to work much so I gave up. But still thanks for the tips Celeste, maybe I'll have to try and making this a rutin also. :)

  3. Mira, aside from this one, you might wanna try New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip from The Face Shop.Choose either Charcoal or Aloe Vera. You can buy 1-2 pcs first at the outlet, tengok macam mana outcome dia, then kalau ok baru beli satu kotak (7pcs). I have been using it, so far so good! Jadi takdelah kena depend on this one je ;)

    1. I was hoping to try something new as well. Thanks Mieza, nanti I try usya The Face Shop. Lately ni I makin risau tengok pores ni asyik timbul2.. HAHA


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