24 June 2014


Who here feels naked if you go out without a watch? 
As we know, watches serve as time telling instrument for us so we would not run late to work or any important events.
However, if you would realise watches not only serves its purpose to tell time but also acts as an accessory for our outfit. 

For me, a watch acts like an outfit. I seriously would feel naked if there is no watch on my hand. I just need to have it on my wrist when I go out. And for sure there is one watch that has served me well for almost 8 years now. My favourite of all.

Watch designers from different brands worldwide has created many styles to fit both men and women’s taste. 
You could find from the selection of leather straps, gold or silver plated and even unique designs of braided strap, studded strap as well as multi-chained strap for your choice.  


The watch you match with your outfit should always be appropriate as the wrong choice will jeopardise your overall look. Women could create many looks with watches such as they could show off their elegance with a diamond embellished watch for an exclusive look or a studded strap watch for a casual feel. Watches acts as a bracelet and accessorises your outfit in the simplest way possible. Women do not have to worry choosing which necklace or bracelet to wear as wearing a watch solves your concerns in a matter of seconds. 

Watches also play a huge role in enhancing our outfit while revealing our character to others. Why do I say this? Imagine seeing a man wearing an expensive watch that costs a fortune, you will definitely assume he is wealthy with a successful career. 

Meanwhile, if you saw someone wearing a simple plastic strap watch, your mind will instantly think the person as someone simple. The selection of watches definitely tells a personality at the first impression. 

Some people tend to have over 10 designs of watches to fit with their outfits while some only have a few which they would reuse in every type of outfit they wear. 

You guys must be wondering, why suddenly talk about watches? Well my close friends would know what a fuss I make if I lose my watch, which I usually misplace. I'm the type of person which will always be with a watch, its not just a factor of accessorising but it also helps me to keep track of time with deadlines I'm always running to. 

To me watches makes a person looks educated, but still, it depends on what type of watches you prefer. Basically like I just said above, "the selection of watches definitely tells a personality at the first impression".  I love the kind of watch that looks simple and elegant and I also make my boyfriend where watches as well! LOL ...  He just don't look manly enough without a  watch. Ok kidding!

Like I said above, watches also play a huge role in enhancing our outfit. It really does, trust me guys. Don't you agree with me girls?

So never look down on what watches could do to your fashion style and quickly get beautiful watches by going online at Zalora. Zalora offers plenty of designs for you to drool over and you could wait it to be delivered right at your doorstep!

And for sure I can't wait also, there are tons of choices till I can drop dead to choose which one I want. 

And the prices are affordable! All off you can faint now. LOL
So till then peeps, I wanna focus on my shopping now.

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