19 June 2014

Food Review: Anggun Fusion Cafe

Anggun Fusion located at Plaza Damas 2 Sri Hartamas specialized in Malaysian Food and also Western.

Early this month, thanks to makcikz konah I was invited to Review this newly opened restaurant that was openedd early last year. Since the restaurant is just beside the main street it wasn't hard to spot.

When I first walked in the store I was amazed by the interior, it had an elegant look, mostly black and red.

So I bet you guys are hungry right? Let's skip the talk and straight away to food.

Their Asam Pedas which was very thick in taste. It tasted splendid and really suited my taste since I am a big fan of Asam Pedas.

Their Kuah Lemak is also not bad! Its tastes just perfectly good, now to think of it I don't know which one tastes better.

And this is their signature dish. Nasi Lemak Peanut Butter. Awesome right Peanut Butter? And believe me the taste will never let you down. Its just a wholeful off awesomeness in your mouth. The chicken and the nasi lemak with the sambal all mixed together creates a splendid taste! This is a must try of you ever come here.

And another dish that will make you drool is its seafood platter which is added with its own homemade sause. Yummy!

And not forgetting their drinks! All of them are delicious!! I love the Strawberry one the most, the middle jug is coconut and the first one is tea. Sorry I forgot their names, I should have noted them down but I was to busy drinking. LOL

And one of their Western Dishes. I seriously couldn't get enough of this. It is absolutely my kind of dish which I could eat non stop. Just love this, you guys should try.

And for dessert, tadaaaaa... The perfect chocolate mosit cake ever with vanilla ice cream on top. Please drool cause it really does taste good as it looks.

So lets meet the chef. This pretty lady is yes, you've guessed it. The chef and also the owner of Anggun Fusion. At first I thought she was some kind of celebrity since she's very pretty! And she's a good cook as well, not good only, but great.

Just look at what a mess we all did. Every dish cleaned!

And here are all the bloggers that attended the food review on that day.
Most of them I just met on that day. Kakak kakak yangs sangat peramah, since I'm the child there, so it was kinda sedan. Haha.. Apa dah bahasa rojak.
But still it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Hope to meet again soon.

Thanks to mum that finally agreed to come along with me.
Puas pujuk selama ni untuk pergi event, she didn't buge, but that day mum tag along, so it became more fun for me.

Anyways, I want to say a big thanks to Anggun Fusion Cafe for the invite.
The food is just suberp, you guys should have a try of your around Sri Hartamas.
Till then peeps!


  1. Bagusnyaa mak mira pun join sekali. ooohhh soo tempting!!!!! The crab!!! oh my faberet!! Faint! T_T

    1. Itu pertama kali dia nak join, kalau tak dia mesti kata tak nak. And ketam tu sangat sedap. Sila pergi

  2. Semua makanan kat situ sedap and Maha rasa nak dtg lagi lah best terbaik........


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