31 May 2014

Review: Enchanteur Paris Body Serum and Lotion

Enchaunteur Paris. Who haven't heard about this brand right?
Well Enchanteur Paris now offers four different types of body lotion. Well I'm not such a fan of lotion actually, I'll have the intention to wear it, but when I've bought it I only use it half way. Such a waste cause most of the lotions I buy have this kinda sticky and oily feel which I really don't like cause I'm always under the sun, which makes me sweat most of the time. It's so uncomfortable when your sweaty and then your hands are sticky and greasy.
So when I had a chance to review this lotion I hoped that it could make me wear lotion cause my skin actually need lotion. My skin is too dry and it's got darken, burnt I suppose, since it's been exposed to the hot sun everyday.
So how was the outcome? Is this lotion good? Well, I could say yes. It stills has that sticky feeling when I'm sweaty but not so much cause it absorbs pretty fast when I apply and give instant moisture to my skin. And what I love the most is that Enchanteur never fails to produce products with great scent. Try guessing which lotion now is my current addiction?

As you can see, the texture is so light right?

"What Are Lotions & It's Benefits?
Body lotions are lotions applied to the body after bathing. They contain more water than body cream to hydrate, smoothen and soften the skin. There are several benefits of using body lotion:
  • Oils that are in lotion give skin moisture and elasticity. They are absorbed into the skin, repairing and soothing dry skin.
  • The same oils in lotion that repair dry skin can also prevent irritation from dry skin. Also, if a lotion contains SPF, it can help prevent sun damage.
  • By using lotion to protect against sun damage and dry skin, you can help minimize the aging process. Dry skin that loses elasticity and sun damage can cause wrinkles and fine lines.
Skin Color
  • Some lotions contain additives that can either lighten or darken the appearance of skin pigment.
  • Most lotions contain fragrance oils that can be used for a light scent. The scent is less potent than perfumes or colognes and is beneficial for people who desire the scent but are sensitive to stronger perfumes."
Credit from The Butterfly Project

So it seems that applying lotions everyday does has its benefits.

All in One Whitening Body Serum

Triple Whitening Body Lotion

Firm & Repair Body Lotion

Light & Fresh Body Lotion

So as you can see, each and every type of these body lotions has their own functions and goodness. Have you guessed yet which one is my favourite?

Yess.. It is definately the Light & Fresh Body Lotion. I bring it everywhere I go. It smells nice and it give me UV protection. So I won't worry much being under the hot sun.
And at night I love the Firm and Repair Body Lotion. The scent is the most of all that I love. It puts me in a good mood for a good sleep for sure.

Overall I just love this product.

P/s: Thank you Butterfly Project



  1. i love these lotions as well. every night I'll use firm and repair and woke up smelling as good as freshly applied lotion, hehe!

    1. Kaaannnnn? Nyenyak tido bila bau wangi

  2. Yay! Sama lah. My favourite is light and fresh too


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