19 April 2014

Jersey Boys in Malaysia

The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

The best part why I love being a blogger is because entertainment like this. I'm such a fan of plays on stage and Allhamdulillah I have been given a ot of opportunity to catch shows like this.

Honestly, I have never heard about The Jersey Boys before, when Nuffnang held the contest was all I knew that I had to watch this. With this musical as the winner of 54 awards World Wide including Best Musical for Grammy Awards and Tony Awards I knew that it will be a great lost if I hadn't had a chance to see this.

Luckily a big thank to Nuffnang they granted my wish, and that's why I will be forever faithful to them since they have gave me most of the opportunity I have ever desired for. I just feel lucky that I have Nuffnang in my blogging life.

Anyways back to the topic. How was the show? It was just extraordinary I tell you. As a student who had once learnt about backstage performances with the lighting and the set and the props,  was awesomely amazed that night. Istana budaya sure was one of the world class stages. There was one scene during the musical where I was totally amazed by lighting. They made the stage like there were two stages in the back and in the front. Awesome just superbly awesome.

As excited as I usually am for each show on stage, this one makes me keep thinking,
Honestly again I was kinda lost during the first phase cause what the hell were their trying to explain here since from afar all the Jersey Boys looks mostly alike. And then when the show went on going I finally got the story. 
You guys seriously need to get a background check if you now nothing about The Jersey Boys. No wonder most of the viewers that night were older than me. I never had been to a Show at Istana Budaya where I could hardly find someone my age around.
Gosh, This group was based during the 1960's and that's more than a decade before I was born. No wonder I was clueless about The Four Season, but I do recognize some of the songs that they sang that night. I never knew that most of the hit songs from other artist was originatted from their songs. 
It made me more eager to know about who were the Jersey Boys exactly cause the show was about how Frankie Vallie and The Four Season became a hit group. And why the show is called Jersey Boys? Cause their all from New Jersey. Make sure you could catch up on Jersey accent before you guys plan to watch this, cause hell you'll be lost I guarantee.

I still couldn't get enough. Just loved it till the end, now wonder they had one so many awards.

For those who are planning to watch could get your info here
You won't regret.
Till then peeps. Have a good weekend.


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