05 April 2014

I Want a Havaianas Summer Kit!

I have been longing to do this blogpost since Tammy posted it up at The Butterfly Project facebook page. I was like so so so excited when I saw this that Havaianas is yet having another contest. Wohoooo.. Since I started wearing Havaianas last year I loved it so much that I wore it everyday almost everywhere I go including to class and events.
Like seriously no joking, I wore them everywhere till there was no more shoes for me. Just having Havaianas was enough.
But then my pair of Golden Havaianas tore up and I was extremely sad. It went flying as I was walking maybe cause I was walking too fast at that time.

Well forget bout that, pass is pass and I still don't have the heart to throw away these flip flops. Their still just awesome especially cause its gold and super comfy. Just loved the colour very much.

Anyways when I saw the Havaianas Summer Kit, I was like, is this fate? Did my golden flip flops tore because I was destined to have these limited edition Havaianas. OhhhMAIGADDDD!!! Happy tears now. LOL
Like Tammy said, it's just every girls summer dream to have one of these!
Forget about glass shoes, cause I'm a flip flop Cinderella.
I found my prince charming with flip flops and for sure I hope my feet are still lucky.
My feet are so dreaming to be Cinderellish now, cause the flip flop with the golden strap is so killing me right now. Aaaaaaa... It's just almost the same like my old one but it's more sexy and vintage!
So please please I hope there is a size 5 for me.
If there is not I'm happy enough with size 6 as long as it fits.
Cinderella has small feet right so I bet there must be a size 5. teheee....

Anyways, what is so unique about this Havaianas Summer Kit?

Well for those who are into arts for sure would have known Gil Elvgren. A famous American Pin-Up Artist, well for those who don't here is a brief about him.

As an art student of course I have learnt about him and his art work. 
His Pin-Up illustrations were inspiring. I used most of his artworks for my assignments since the illustrations has that strong vintage look.
And it was rather suprising actually when his work was combined with Havaianas which makes me want these limited edition flip flops more badly.

These Havaianas surely would be a collectable item if I had one of these already. Maybe I'll might just put it in a class jar for viewing. And not to forget I'll add a note, "do not touch". 

The best part of this Summer Kit that it comes along with a towel as well. Aaaaa... This makes me feel like planning a vacai to the beach so I could show off my pin-up illustrations Havaianas flip flops and towel. Ohhhhsem! Cryingggggg.

So why do I want a Havaianas Summer Kit?

1. I'm die hard fan of Havaianas!
2. It's limited of course. It's like a girls ferarri, so true.
3. My old Havaianas is torn and I need a replacement. T_T 
     (no other flip flops are comfy like the Havaianas I've worn before)
4. Like Tammy said , its a girl's summer dream to have one of these.
5. I'm a flip flop Cinderella
6. I'm an art student, I should wear things of art! It's Gil Elvgren's folks.
7. Its vintage, the pin-up illustrations just catches my heart.
8. It also comes in Gold! Aaaaa.. The slim sandy gold colour strap with a sexy touch. Just perfect for me. 
9. Havaianas are like my Jimmy Choo's so you can guess already how much treasure it is for me.
10. Lastly of course because I wanna SHOW OFF! LOL 
Daaa.. It comes with a towel too and for sure its like made for the beach. Summer vacai is just so gonna be awesome.

I so gotta get my hands on these limited babies, so please dearest Butterfly Malaysia and Havaianas please grant my Cinderella wish.

And not forgetting. I'm a size 5
6 also can la.

If you girls out there also wish to be a Cinderella here are the deets:
The Butterfly Project - The Cinderella Project
Plus Size Kitten Giveaway

And please do follow Havaianas on twitter cause they regularly have giveaways and contest.

So folks, are you one of the Cinderella's they are looking for?
Wish me luck too babes.
Till then.

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