02 April 2014

An Update. LOL

Morning peeps!
How long has it been since I've updated this lonely blog?
I'ts been so hectic with my schedule lately and it is driving me crazy too, but still I'm trying my best to appreciate my life as a student.
Honestly I missed going to events so much, it's like I've been totally anti-social this past month. But still I have my own life here.

Sometimes I feel like I am two different people. The one called me Mira and the other one called Cikcit. "Drama sangat kan bunyi?' Anyways, forget that.

Life in my faculty has turned out much more better eventually. My class seems to be entertaining now since most of us do click together. The best part is that we are all in the same club. This semester is sure gonna be busy for me. Well for us of course cause we are gonna have loads of fun. I hope so, with all these trips and activities planned, can't think of anything better for a student life. I bet when I start working, there will be no time for these kind of things anymore, and I missed most of that during my diploma years.

And degree turned out way more better cause now I have these two in my life. 

That's for study, for blogging I dream of a lot, but still I don't have much time to update everyday. I write about 1 hour minimum for a blogpost and that's like 'cincai' and I dont want that. Cause what you say and what you right reflects you. I'm positively sure that all bloggers agree on that right?

If you guys are a fashion bloggers and you guys keep updated with Hijabista Magazine, of course some of you might have noticed already and some of you might have not cause, well

Who thinks that's me? Well wrong guess, that ain't me.
Its my twin sister with make up on. LOL

How did she end up in there?
Well she told me that it was a bit embarrassing. It was her first time and she had to pose like this and that. Awkward moment ever when they tell you to change pose.

Thanks to Kak Hana from Karangkraf my sister had this experience. Will she do it again? LOL.. I dunno.

Well I think that's all, wasn't even planning to write long even. Btw my baby Gary have kitten mittens now.

All fat and short. Will update soon.
Till then peeps, have a good week.

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