18 March 2014

Line Shopping Name Your Own Price

I never thought that Shopping would so ever be fun even on an mobile app.
Yes, if you have already downloaded the mobile app called LINE, you guys would probably would have known about this campaign right?

The LINE Shopping Name Your Own Price

What is LINE Shopping Name Your Own Price?
Well each week there will be one promotion that LINE users could key in a certain type of amount they woul like to pay for a product.
For example, the current promotion is a Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee Bag

Awesome right?

Anyways, for each of these promotions, you guys would have to answer a simple survey first? Well its basically information on how to contact you and in the end you guys would have to entered your prefered price for the item. Without the RM in front and with 2 decimals numbers. 
Starting from the range price of RM10. Yess.
The person with the most lowest and unique number will be selected as the winner and could get to buy the product with that price.
But! Make sure you think first deeply before you enter the survey because you can only do it once for each promotion.

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal

This is not a scam and totally not a fraud. Just imagine items worth thousands but you just get it with RM10. Well don't imagine anymore cause its true. Ues peeps, it true. With this RM10 Rock Bottom Deal, you can even get an ipad for RM10. Still don't believe me? Try for yourself and see.

All these deals with just LINE Shopping
So what are you waiting for, download LINE at your APP STORE or even GOOGLE PLAY
Its free and instantly add LINE Shopping to keep updated with their offers.

So guys what are you waiting for. Be a smart consumer and download add LINE SHOPPING now. You'll be surprised with all the offers thier offering everyday.
Till then peeps.

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