18 March 2014

Watson Move Your Body Dance


• An exclusive collaboration with popular radio station Hitz.fm and international gym Celebrity Fitness

• Facebook fans stand a chance to walk away with RM5,000 cash and perform with the hitz.fm crew

• More than 1,500 people expected to ‘Move Your Body’ with Watsons Malaysia at Sunway Lagoon come 30 March 2014


Well for those who are into getting fit, why not participate Watson's Move Your Body Dance with Ean and JinnyBoy at Sunway Lagoon at the end of this month. I'm sure it would be awesome.

Tickets for this event could be purchased at Watson for only RM30 (NP: RM120) . VIP Members.
(Only available at Watson at the Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan.)

Well that's not all.

The fun even begins now when Watson is running a contest for this event and the Grand prize is RM5,000 cash!

No kidding, its true! What you guys have to do is Move Your BODY!

Just make a video of you with the moves that Watson's has shown in their video below.

Catchy I say. And because of this I too seemed interested in participating as well. Wanna see my video?

Maigaddd!! Don't laugh please.
This video was totally for fun. Me and my closest friends thought that this was something interesting to do since we all are now studying in different places so we hardly meet each other anymore.
We finally managed to gather half a day just because to make this video and it was so random. So I introduce to you,
I- Ika
A- Amira
N- Nazli
(Forgive me but I'm a really really bad dancer)

For those who know us would know for sure how we are like, so let's people move your body. Why not also participate and compete with us.

For more info about the event on the 30th March you guys could head down to Watson's Facebook

And if you guys are curious about the contest and want to win some cold hard cash , head down to

So that all peeps. get your body moving now!

P/s: This post is sponsored

Line Shopping Name Your Own Price

I never thought that Shopping would so ever be fun even on an mobile app.
Yes, if you have already downloaded the mobile app called LINE, you guys would probably would have known about this campaign right?

The LINE Shopping Name Your Own Price

What is LINE Shopping Name Your Own Price?
Well each week there will be one promotion that LINE users could key in a certain type of amount they woul like to pay for a product.
For example, the current promotion is a Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee Bag

Awesome right?

Anyways, for each of these promotions, you guys would have to answer a simple survey first? Well its basically information on how to contact you and in the end you guys would have to entered your prefered price for the item. Without the RM in front and with 2 decimals numbers. 
Starting from the range price of RM10. Yess.
The person with the most lowest and unique number will be selected as the winner and could get to buy the product with that price.
But! Make sure you think first deeply before you enter the survey because you can only do it once for each promotion.

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal

This is not a scam and totally not a fraud. Just imagine items worth thousands but you just get it with RM10. Well don't imagine anymore cause its true. Ues peeps, it true. With this RM10 Rock Bottom Deal, you can even get an ipad for RM10. Still don't believe me? Try for yourself and see.

All these deals with just LINE Shopping
So what are you waiting for, download LINE at your APP STORE or even GOOGLE PLAY
Its free and instantly add LINE Shopping to keep updated with their offers.

So guys what are you waiting for. Be a smart consumer and download add LINE SHOPPING now. You'll be surprised with all the offers thier offering everyday.
Till then peeps.

10 March 2014

Bag of Love

Helloooo Blog Readers!
I'm so so so sorry keeping my blog so quiet.
Well its been hectic for me lately and I even don't have much time for myself. Anyways, I've been so so longing to do this post.
Just feel a bit disapointed that I couldn't share this post earlier.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project I for the first time in my life recieved a bag of love.
Yeayyyy! So happy..

This edition of The Bag of Love. New Year, New You.

So what suprise do we have in this bag?

Etude House Wonder pore After Sun Special Set
(Full sicze products range from RM69.90-RM79.90)

On cleansed face, pat on Wonder Pore Freshner on the face with gentle patting. Then massage Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel over face and neck. Once a week, deep cleanse by applying a layer of Wonder Pore Clay Clear on cleansed face for 20 minutes than rinse.

Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo (250ml, RM55)
Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment (150ml, RM58)

Alqvimia Body Oil

Alqvimia Body Sculpter Oil (RM370, 150ml)

Anti- Cellulite Body Oil (RM290, 150ml)

Shape Reducer Body Oil (RM290, 150ml)

King of Mask All-in-One Collagen Mask (RM5.90 Per piece)

Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect (Full Size RM11.90)

Mr Lens Voucher

And there we have it, the bag of love
Its kinda shocking to find a mens product inside the bag, but still I have my dad to try it out.

Anyways, what I found inside is awesome.
Stay tuned to my blog or instagram for detailed reviews on these products.
Till then blog readers.

P/s: I am truely sorry for the lost of family members and relatives that went missing MH370. My prayers are with them. be strong and hope they arrive home safely soon.

01 March 2014

Dove School of Skindulgence

Dove nourishes better than milk.
Is it true?
Well, thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia I was one of the lucky butterflies to be invited to Dove School of Skindulgence.

Introducing their new campaign Dove Skindulgence, Your Better Than Milk Routine.
Their aim is to encourage women to indulge and pamper themselves on a daily basis in less time and with less money and all in the comfort of their on own home.

At Dove School of Skindulgence we were briefed about their new campaign.

#skindulgence #betterthanmilk #eatright #stayactive

According to a survey by Dove a total of 55% of women claimed that they have between 1-2 hours of 'me time' in a day. Also 75% agree that indulging their skin on a daily basis is too expensive and the majority of women (88%) agree that indulging is spas are way more expensive.
Hence, what Dove is trying to do right now is encourage women to indulge themselves with Dove.
Its more cheaper, more faster and also encourage them to stay healthy.

So there we were divided into 3 groups, and I was selected in group A. EAT RIGHT
Dove encourage us to eat right and even prepared us some examples of healthy food.

And the best part we were also taught by chefs

So will I start eating health after this?
Well, as I said earlier, Dove is really encouraging women to stay healthy so they set up a contest for this campaign. Yess..
And the prizes are awesome.

Pledge 21 days to practice skindulgence.
My resolution this year was to keep fit again and stay healthy, and thanks to Dove's new campaign I'm more excited and burnt up to do so.

So I registerd and 

So what you have to do is head down to Facbook

Then you guys will have to register your instagram account that will be linked to your Facebook page.

After taking the pledge, contestants will have over a period of 21 days to challenge themseleves to achive the three main pillars of Skindulgence.

EATING RIGHT #eatright
STAYING ACTIVE #stayactive
PAMPER YOURSELF #skindulgence #betterthanmilk

You guys at least have to share 1 picture daily and there will be a minimum total of 21 pictures for 21 days, (7 pictures per pillar)

The pictures must be posted continously for 21 days.

So girls what you waiting for? Show the world how you take care of yourselves at home.
Cause your never gonna regret it if you suddenly grabbed the grand prize

3D 2N to an Island Getaway!

So with this watch out for my instgram account cause its gonna be loaded with pictures.

And one more thing I'm excited about is to start pampering myself with Dove
Cause my skin is really dry and its easily peeled off if I cut myself and it easily scars.

Since its been said to be better than milk
My skin should be smooth than ever right?
Well lets just see the results in 21 days.

For more pictures on the event head down to my Facebook Page

(The reason why I upload it on facebook is because my blogger account takes such a long time to upload just 1 pictures, it drives me mad.)

Till then peeps.
Make sure to follow my instagram account at miracikcit to keep updated about this campaign.
Let us all have a more healthier 2014 don't you think?
So start pledging girls.