20 February 2014

Review : Saving Mr Banks

Title : Saving Mr Banks
Genre: Biography, Comedy 
Duration: 125min
Cast: Tom Hanks , Emma Thompson
Rate: 8/10
Release in Malaysia : 29 Feb 2014

For those who have never watched Mary Poppin before, I suggest that you watch that before you start watching this. Saving Mr Banks is basically about how Mary Poppins came to life at Disney.
If you guys havn't knew before, Mary Poppins was once before a very famous book witten by P. L Travers.

I was certainly a fan of Mary Poppins, I grew up with it, with their songs. For me it was such a great childhood movie. But I have never read the book before, the book wrote and published way before  was born and I would love to start reading the book for myself since in the movie Saving Mr Banks, there was an argument on how Mary Poppins is actually like. P. L Travers described Mary Poppins character to be more strict and firm, but through Walt Disney's picture, Mary Poppins is sweet all happy, which I am pleased with. But still I won't judge until I have read the original book.

Saving Mr Banks is basically the behind the scene story on how the inspiration of the character of Marry Poppins is created and how then it came to life with Disney. Shocking to see that the inspiration of Mary Poppins was based on the writers sad childhood with the death of an alcoholic
father. Mary Poppins was actually inspired by the writers aunt that she took her characteristics and turn her into Mary Poppins.

Mr Banks was actually inspired by the writers father, who was an unsuccessful Bank Manager
As I was digging around to confirm either this movie was fictionized by Walt Disney or not, well the facts are true, just there were still some facts missing.
This was one of the articles I found interesting

Overall for me the movie was interesting, and having them including Mary Poppins original songs inside also made me remind me of my childhood times. It was fun, and the jokes were not bad, I had plenty to laugh, but somewhere in the middle the movie was a bit draggy, but it was still okay. For me its worth to watch. 

P/s: Made me want to watch Mary Poppins again. Spit spot!

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