03 February 2014


Since I'm on semester break this is the only chance that I get to meet my two best friends since highschool. Its not like I haven't tried meeting up with them during my studies, but its just so hard to catch up time. One is working and another one is at Johor, its like a miracle of we could meet up during that time.
Thanks to the CNY holidays we finally had time to meet up, the funny part is we were all back at our homes for weeks already but still couldn't find any spare time to meet. Now I know how it feels to actually feel like having responsibility, I can't simply go out and hang out like I used to when I was back in school.
Since it was a long time since we've gathered there of course there was a lot of catching up to do and believe it or not many things have changed. We all somehow have different taste, different perspectives, different stories now. But still I'm sill comfortable with having them around.
The part which I sincerely miss so much is the girl talk, I only had them as my only girlfriends since school. Now their suddenly talking about getting married soon. Goshh.. How far had time taken us? And this was serious talk,  they are actually gonna get married soon and I'm the one left. 
Well can't keep them forever right? I'm happy for them though, they actually found the right guy, after all the drama's and breakups they had back then during high school, and now they found the one. Jelous? Of course la... who wouldn't if your friends are finally getting their happy ending, but still I am happy for them.
Somehow I also can't wait to officially get the invites from them. LOL

Well yesterdays date was fun with them, we did something new for change. Great thing that Setia City Mall had a really nice park, since the three of us had a lot of stories to share, it was a great choice. And it was more fun since bubbles were involved. With just RM2 a person, its worth it. Let me not say much now, why not some pictures to describe don't you think?

Got more pictures actually, but internet now is being such a !@#$
Till then peeps



  1. Enjoy betul nampaknya main bubbles tu..
    Best je akak tengok

    1. Enjoy la jugak kak, kalau nak catch up dengan kawan2 lama best jugak aktiviti santai macam ni

  2. Is that a special liquid to make the bubble last longer?


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