15 February 2014

Maybelline's New York Lip Polish Review

Maybelline has just launched their new product.
The new Lip Polish by ColourSensational.
With 10 ranges of colour Lip Polish is the one and only 3 in 1 lipstick which makes it unique.
With a combination of lipstick, lipgloss and also balm, it creates the perfect effect of 3 in just one product.

With Valentines Day around, the hypnotic lip colour range does has its power.
Sexy lips is something every girl wants to hypnotise her man don't you think?
Well with a few tips from Maybelline New York, here is some other tips to hypnotise your man besides having sexy lips.

1. Change Your Look
2. Make Eye Contact
3. Go Red
4. Chocolate Does The Trick
5. A Little Touch
6. Peek-A-Boo

I certainly don't want to give details here, understand for yourself and do what you think is appropriate. Hehe..

Anyways, this 3 in 1 potion surely has its power, I was invited to Maybelline's Launch for the lip polish and had a try myself and surely it was stunning. Thanks to The Butterfly Project me and another 4 butterflies had the chance for a makeover with maybelline. Hehe..

10 Ranges of Lip Polish

All with Lip Polish on

We were given 3 ranges of colour to try out

GLAM 3, POP 5 and GLAM 6

From the left
POP 6, GLAM 3, POP 5, and GLAM 6

The colours from my personal view are tacky.  Really made my lips stand out more.

Anyways, Maybelline has also suggested 3 looks suitable for the Lip Polish

Sometimes less is more. In this case, a natural eye makeup paired with strong lips will give you all the attention you want. Start by applying a brown shade on your eyelids. Line eyes in black and coat lashes with mascara. Pick a bright but still subtle lip colour to complete the look.
Eyestudio Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow in BR-1
Crayon Eyeliner in Black
Volum’ Express Magnum Mascara in Black
Lip Polish by Color Sensational in Glam 2

Love the play of colour when it comes to fashion? Make it a beauty do as well! Eyes get a colour burst in gold, emerald and teal for a vibrant finish. Follow up with a coat of mascara to enhance the effect. A mauve lip colour is the perfect complement.
Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, Edgy Emerald and Tenacious Teal
Hypersharp Liner in Black
Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara in Black
Lip Polish by Color Sensational in Glam 5

From Hollywood celebrities to It models on the runways, red lips are popping up everywhere as the hot look for the season. Team the seductive lip with a smudgy eye makeup for a va-va-voom effect. First, play up your peepers with a grayish eye palette to create a smouldering look. Line eyes in black and apply a coat of mascara to amp up the effect.
Eyestudio Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow in GY-1
Masterliner in Black
Volum’ Express Rocket Mascara in Black
Lip Polish by Color Sensational in Pop 6

So happy trying girls!
You can get these Lip Polish at Watsons or Guardians.


  1. The colour looks gorgeous,im dying to try this! http://azwaa.blogspot.com

  2. Pop 6 tu my favourite color! I'll definitely be seen spotting the Fiery Vixen look kalau i rajin sangat mekap, hehe

    1. Jom lets have a make up session together mieza

  3. saya tak guna Maybelline's . hihi tapi suka kaler Look#3 tu. salam kenal :)
    jumpa blog akak time search about art design di google. hopefully kita dapat borak borak sikit. sebab nak sgt tahu tentang course art design ni. Kalau free. singgah di blog saya yer kak . :)

    1. LOL, akak bukannya pakar sangat pun dengan art dik


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