28 February 2014

Kenko's Fish Spa Party with Butterflies

Has anyone tried fish spa before?
Fish spa?
Yess.. Fish that eats your legs out like piranha's.
LOL.. These fish just eat your dead cells.

Thank you to The Butterfly Project I was invited to join this marvelous Spa Session.
Honestly this was my first with this kind of spa and hell yaw I was excited for sure.

Thanks to Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa we had our caterpillar spa session there.
Thanks to Worthy Book also that we also had this session

Located in Pavillion KL just near the cinema
Kenko Fish Spa is just nice. Just look at the interior, its calming and also has the view of KL streets.

Nice right?
Look at all the butterflies dipping their feet

For me?
LOL.. Thank god there was no video shot for this session.
I was like screaming and laughing when trying to dip my feet in the water
The fish were super fast, it was like a marathon to eat your legs out.
I was screaming first not because it was painful or something, it was just because I was actually scared of the fish.
But then the scare turned out to be ticklish.
It wasn't only me, turned out that most of the butterflies who never had this kind of spa before felt the same way.

Malu actually nak tunjuk kaki but you guys won't see the fish.
You can actually feel the fish eating your dead cells and cleaning your feet at the same time.
Actually ikan dia ada lagi banyak, don't know why they suddenly swimed away when I took picture.
Shy fishes maybe. LOL

It seemed that everyone enjoyed the Spa session.
I dipped my feet in there for 30 minutes and the results after are just amazing.
My feet felt alive somehow, or maybe not alive. It just felt great and clean.
Refreshed I think is the correct word.

So if you guys wanna try this out too
It only RM38 for 30 minutes at Kenko Pavillion KL
Trust me its worth it
Especially when you get yourselves worthy book.
All kinds of coupons with amazing discounts in there.

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Anyway, I truly did love the spa session and I'm planning to come again.
Thank you Butterfly Malaysia for this opportunity


  1. serious kaki rasa smooth lepas buat fish spa!

  2. perasaaaaan ja awak time tuu tp segan nak tegur heeeeee

    yeayyyyyyy dh follow yr blog and add you dkt fb.

    1. Heee... Kita pun segan nak tegur, tak pe next time kita tegur k.
      thanks follow, I'll follow you back :)

  3. Waaaa...bestnye...jeles xdpt pegi...sedap je tgok kaki tu gigit kaki mira..apla rsnye..

    1. Alaa.. next time kita pergi sama2 k. Seronok rasanya bila dah lama2 ikan tu gigit. HAHA

  4. yezzaaa!! Memang best..nanti kita pergi lagi nak tak? guna voucher yang dapat tu..hehehee..

  5. ohhh, benda nih ada dekat sabah . and dah try pun. best hehe.

    Blog kak mira boleh je view :))

    1. Wahhh.. sabah pun ada? Akak baru tahu ada branch dekat sana.
      Btw thank you bagi response

  6. Lepas buat fish spa ni kan..kaki jiajia pun rasa licin dan ringan jerr..lain kali boeh pergi lagi...anyway blog awak cantik sangat and awesome! happy to read it, and I'm done following u! =) <3

  7. Thank you jiajia.. I dah follow blog u lama dah.. Suka baca blogpost u. Banyak yang menarik :)


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