23 February 2014

Food Review : R&J Cafe Amway Malaysia

I was invited by Atika Ramlan last week to join a food review at R&J Cafe Amway.
What I was expecting was like a shop near Amway or something, but it turned out to be inside Amway.

First I thought that this was an office but it turned out that it was also Amway's shop.
I've heard of Amway before but I never really knew what Amway was until now.

R&J Cafe located at Amway Headquarters Petaling Jaya
R&J stands for Richard De Vos and also Jay Van Andel, they are the founders of Amway

The cafe is nice and spacious, located at the main entrance of Amway.
The interior is also nice and comfortable.
So what's so special about R&J cafe?

Well for first this is a self service cafe
So you order for yourself at the counter.

Well its considered reasonable for a cafe

The specialty for this cafe is their Nasi Lemak
RM5.90 and you get this much.
Cheap for a cafe don't you think?

Honestly the Nasi Lemak taste awesome. No joke. This is serious.
The sambal and the rempah is great.

The Mee Curry also taste as good as the Nasi Lemak
I couldn't choose which one to eat actually, so I ate both.

Maigaddd.. I'm drooling all over again.
These cakes are marvellous I tell you.
The marble cheese cake, the chocolate cake and also the strawberry cake taste so heavenly.
As great as the cakes at ikea and secret recipe, no joking.
And the price is cheap also for a slice of cake.

We had plenty on our table and we managed to finish it all.

Actually there were plenty more food on the table
Its just that I have a bad habit to break, I tend to get seduced too much by food that I can't hardly wait to dig in, that's why I don't have much pictures to share.
Hehe.. but I'll try more in the future to make better food reviews.

Just see the mess after eating,
Our table was full of fodd, and just look how much food that was in front of me.

Overall R&J cafe is a great place to meet and have a long talk with friends.
And its got only one in Malaysia.
You should give it a try if your around Petaling Jaya, surely you won't regret.

And thank you Atika Ramlan for the invite.


  1. Sedap nya mira nak makan lagi lah kat sana boleh....

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, orang tu yang pergi melacong tak ajak siapa suruh. HAHA


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