24 February 2014

Food Review : Mr Dakgalbi Bukit Bintang

So who's up for korean food?
Introducing to you guys Mr Dakgalbi and now its new branch is at Bukit Bintang.

Mr Dakgalbi , 61, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Near Low yat Plaza Bukit Bintang.

And curious to know what they offer?

A popular korean dish called Dakgalbi
Mixed with vegetables and chicked and a whole lot of ingrediants I'm not sure of but the important thing is that it is HALAL

And don't be fooled people, this is not ready to be eaten yet
Cause the chef will cook in front of you

Since it was a special occasion,
the CEO of Mr Dakgalbi himself came down and cooked for us.

Maigaddddd!! Who's drooling right now?
They mixed it all together and also added Ramen

And somehow half the portion suddenly disappeared

Because of us..
Hantu kuat makan, especially the one upfront.
It was just good enough with the Ramen, but there was another dish coming ahead with rice.

This one is daebak I tell yaaa..
Cause my favourite ingrediant of all is added, CHEESE

Just look at the cheese
I had plenty of this and still couldn't get enough of this

The food here was super awesome,
And this is actually my first time trying korean food
I thought that it would be spicy since the colour of the spice is hot red, but its not. Its just nice.

And for your info, Mr Dakgalbi's food not only is super delicious
But its also healthy, with the content of its Chilly Powder

1. Effectively in preventing skin aging

2. Help Reduce Weight

3. Plenty of Vitamin A, B, and C that could reduce the stress by its spicy food.

Now I wish I could eat this everyday

And I almost forgot about dessert
Looks awesome right?
Guess what it is

Its cold noodles.

Overall I could say that its worth every penny here. The food are great and the environment is nice and comfortable. If your bringing along your family, you can get RM78+ for a family set and trust me you'll be full till your belly feels like bursting. The price is so so reasonable for me.

Anyways, a big thank you too Jessy and Mr Dakgalbi for the invitation to dinner with awesome bloggers that night. Indeed I had great fun with the twitter marathon and the instagram contest. Hope for more in the future. And also not forgetting The Butterfly Project.

For more photos please do visit my Facebook
Met with really great people that night.
Hope to see them again soon.

Till then peeps!


  1. I was supposed to be joining by the car broke on my way there. Sobs. I'm still drooling every time I see others update about this event. TT


    1. Ouhhh.. baru perasan u. U pun pergi fish spa jugak kan? hehe.. sorry.. Baru perasan. Btw I dah follow u. :)

  2. Confirm akak akan pergi makan situ lepas ni,
    punyalah terliur tengok gambar. Tapi akak pon ada entry
    makanan Korea, baru nak update ;)

    1. Hahaha... Feeling2 korea sikit bila makan makanan korea ni. Haha.. cepatlah update kak yaya

  3. How come Mr An can pose so cutely in your camera! Haha! Awesome post! ;)


  4. Is the place really halal, with halal certificate? Coz it says it is pork free.


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