02 February 2014

Blogging with Nuffnang & ChurpChurp

Happy Chinese New Year everyone especially to my chinese readers!
So, as you can see my blog has advertisements from Nuffnang and my twitter from ChurpChurp.
Yes.. so you guys could simply conclued that I'm a Nuffnang blogger.

Proud to say I am really thankful to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, they surely had made my blogging experience even better.

Honestly I never knew bout Nuffnang and ChurpChurp before until I lived under one roof with Marya Hana . Kak Yaya was my senior during my diploma years and I shared the same house with her at our hostel at UiTM Puncak Perdana. Everyday I saw her looking into this website and I asked her what's its for and she said it was for her blog.
She introduced to me about Nuffnang and told me what Nuffnang had gave her for her blog, it surely did sound amazing, but still I didn't sign up to Nuffnang until my blog was 1 year old. Yes.. I waited 1 year before I signed up to Nuffnang, I don't even know the reason why. LOL

Anyways, when I signed up for Nuffnang, I was completely clueless what to do. I went into their website everyday but didn't do nothing. About months after I signed up I left it alone until I entered Genting Evangelist under them, and they were having a contest a vacation to Awana Kijal, I entered but I didn't win. Then there was another contest to Awana Genting Highlands, I entered and suprisingly I received a call from Nuffnang, they say I was selected and I was jumping up and down screaming like a mad person. How excited I was back then I could still feel it till now.

That was my first ever blogging event and Nuffnang gave me that opportunity, when I first reached to Wisma Genting for departure I was really nervous, my heart raced so fast and I thought of going back. It was so scary cause I didn't know anyone and suddenly I'm joining the group. But still I took the courage and headed to a group waiting in front of Wisma. That was the very forst time I met Anne and Darren from Nuffnang. If I'm not mistaken Darren was also new that time.

On that day I met the first bunch of bloggers I have ever known since I became a blogger. There was Putra, Cik Liliy, Kak Ruby, Nazrul, Nisa Fuzi and also Hanis Nasuha. There were also some chinese but I can't remember their names except for Daniel Chiam, sorry. While Pen Merah and Nisa Kay I met them at Awanan since they didn't take the bus. From that event I came to be close with Hanis Nasuha till now.

For those who are curious can check out my entry on Trip to Awana Genting

So since that event, I became more excited and participated with more events from Nuffnang. I started with taking every chance I could entering contest that their doing and also joining movie screenings as well. From there I got to meet new bloggers every time, and it got really exciting. Then after a while they started offering me with various kinds of event even if I didn't participate in any contest. That's when I started having fun attending events, I learn something new every time. And when Nuffnang calls I try my best to free my schedule. After a year with Nuffnang I won a lot of prizes by joining contests. The biggest one so far was a Nexus Tab.

Then only did I get my first ever sponsored post. I never was expecting it anyways, for me being invited to events was enough fun for me, but still rezeki Allah nak bagi, Allhamdulillah, my blog is up to another level. But I didn't get sponsored post every month, sometimes I don't get it at all, but I'm not demanding also, kalau ada Allhamdulillah, tapi kalau tak ada pun its okay. At least I earn some pocket money with my hobby and that exciting much for me.

For ChurpChurp it was the same thing, they gave me much oppurtunity as Nuffnang did. I even won RM1500 and a Sony SmartWatch from them after joining their contest. ChurpChurp is more for twitter, I didn't expect much coming from my twitter account, but Allhamdulillah, ChurpChurp also gave me a chance to make some pocket money.

Thanks to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp I had a lot of opportunities with blogging, I met new people, I learn new things, I strengthen my communiction skills, and I'm not so afraid to communicate with new people anymore, I feel more confident nowadays than two years ago. Every day I'm learning and now I'm even learning how to write properly. Sometimes I get comments that my writing is totally 'SKEMA' but I fancy that kind of writing, cause to me writing reflects a person and I've been educated my whole life to write properly, besides blogging is the only way to keep me writing and inspired.

If you noticed when I post a blogpost, its long with words, my friends keep saying that I never had posted a short post, maybe I just get carried away with words, just like what I'm doing right now. I don't even believe that all of my readers are reading this all the way through, some of them just fancy pictures. Hehe.. I'm not complaining. LOL

Anyways blogging experience with Nuffnang and ChurpChurp was a really fantastic one and I am always looking forward for more with them. For those new bloggers, why not give it a try, it won't hurt.

Till then peeps


  1. miraaaa you have to teach me on how to "use" Nuffnang! I have an account but I'm clueless on what to do, how to get the best out of it, seriously (T_T)

    1. Sure babe! Lets have a date sometime, kits chit-chat

  2. Aww this is so sweet! :) Hope to see you at future events ok!


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