21 January 2014

New Year, New Changes, New Faces!

Hellloooooooooo everyone! So how have you guys been doing so far for this year?
Well I'm doing just fine for now, but I'm extremely missing blogging and events.
Finally I got out of hell semester 2 and believe me I don't want to go through a semester like that anymore, it made me feel like a living zombie. Even I got confused either I was dead or alive.
I simply had no interest in socialising, it was me and work. Gosh the work was craazzzzy I tell ya.

Enough of that, so you guys noticed anything different?
Oh yeahhhh , you got that one right. Got my old blog a brand new face, it deserves one already.
The last design seems to be so cold, I'm trying to make my blog more cheerful and neat. Oh yeahh.. But still I'm working on the neat part. hehe... sowwwyy

Anyways what do you guys think about this?

So so so?
What do you guys think?
A new face for my blog and finally I have finalized a logo for miracikcit.blogspot.com.
Do you get the logo? Its Mira @ Cikcit , as you see I've combined the a and the c to create and @ .
Genius right? 
LOL ... even my baby sis could figure that out.

It took me a bout a week to get the perfect logo that I wanted and it may look simple, but bloody hell gave me a disastrous headache.
I was to fussy, I wanted a really simple design and at the same time looked elegant as well but I just wanted two colours and I specifically only chose scripts fonts as the only options. Goshh.. If I have another one of me and we both work together, my life would be a living hell. Don't you think so?

With the excitement of a new logo and a new face for my blog, I thought I should expand my scribbles.. hewhew.. (rhestissss jap.. whatever it means).
Ok ok.. If you guys have noticed, I don't promote my facebook account at my blog. Haaaa.. baru perasan kan? Kan?
Why you ask? Cause a girl got to have her privacy too right?
Well, lets just say I'm specifying my facebook account for those only who I know. Yes, its top secret in there. Haha..
Kidding only laaa.. I just wanted an account that was a space for my friends and family only.

Butttt.. Since from the past year I had a few request, well lets say a lot of friend request from bloggers, I decided tooooo.....

Yeszza! A facebook account for all, especially for bloggers!
(ehh jap kantoi la pulak pakai google translate.. ok jatuh reputasi jap.. haha)

Well its still empty though, just though of doing so an hour ago. I've decided that this facebook account will be set up public and of course you guys are welcome to be friends with me at this account.
Make sure its main name is Mira Cikcit, cause if your searching and Amira Shaiful comes out, that one is private. Sorry guys, I still have a lot of friend request pending in that account, but for this new account I'll make sure to approve anyone. So lets be friends shall we?

I think I have enough of a talk. Just to get you guys updated. So if you guys don't mind, why not add me as a friend. I'll be waitinggggg... macam desperate sangat je bunyi.. haha.. 
Ok bye guys! See ya



  1. cantik mira! love the new look! it look simple and neat! <3

    1. Thanks Sab, got inspired from ur blog actually, suka gila masuk blog sab! Blog mira tak boleh tanding blog sab. :)

  2. lawaa! serious u terer design..buat dekat pika satu kali tengok..hehehee

    1. Buat dekat pika satu kali tengok? Haha.. kurang faham ayat ini. lulz

  3. Replies
    1. Oklah, kira promosi untuk kulit blog mira. Haha

  4. wei pehal cantik sangat ni your new look! suka suka :DD

    1. Thanks Mieza, suddenly got inspired for a new look! Heeee

  5. Assalamualaikum dik. heee awak add akak kat fb ek? kita dah approved tau. cantiknya header, mira buat sendiri ke?

    1. Yess, buat sendiri, thanks tau akak sebab approve. Facebook tu mira add bloggers je. hehe

  6. Cantik design..sila beri tuto pada saya..pleaseeeeeeee

    1. Nanti mira buat tuto dekat blog mcm nak buat design mcm ni ea Jae

  7. student art & design mmg kreatif..:)

    1. Nak hidup dalam industry ni kena usaha jugak even tak kreatif, thanks kak btw

  8. Love it. Lain dari yang lain.

    Follow your blog from Beauty Blogger. :)

  9. Lagi mudah buat page. Page bukan smata2 retis jer boleh guna. Nak promote n3 baru mlalui ping secara auto ke page lagi menyenangkan. pendapat sendiri la. hehe ^^


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