23 January 2014

How To Pay Bills With Cimb Clicks


Hye peeps.
So I've been having a lot of questions from my friends recently about Internet Banking.
For me, living in such a hustle bustle lifestyle, I really don't have anytime to waste and that is one of the main reasons why I am so lazy to queue up and pay my bills at counters.

Since I had a car under my name, dad would transfer money into my account and made sure that I was the one to pay the bill every month and I knew it would be such a nuisance to make a commitment and go to the bank every month just to get my bill settled.
Since my loan was under CIMB I called them was there an easier way to pay the loan every month and they suggested to open a CIMB account with CIMB Clicks.
And for sure it was a great suggestion.

So for those who don't have a CIMB account, you guys to have to have one.
Did you know that they have so many options, lets just skip to the paying part shall we.

Take note is that this blogpost is just on how to pay bill with CIMB Clicks.
Cara-cara pembayaran bill online melalui CIMB Clicks

Log into your account and Pay Bills, you could click anyone of the arrows.

There will be 2 options, make sure you select open billers and lets say you wanna pay your water bills. This how

Make sure you click utilities

Since I'm staying in Selangor, I chose SYABAS. As you guys can see there are other options to choose from, depends on where you are and whom you are supposed to pay to.

After you clicked your option, a pop up window will come to view, just fill in the particulars.
You guys could get the bill acc no from your bill, its just on top of the bill.
Fill in the form and press submit.

After that its the same process as transfering money, you have to confirm first either your details are correct, if it is then request for a TAC no,
After you've submitted your TAC no your bills are paid.
Just like that, but make sure to print your transaction, cause its considered as your proof of payment.

So for other bills you just have to repeat the same process
Under pay bills > Open billers > (Choose what you want to pay)

INDAH WATER, TNB: >Utilities > Indah Water / Tenaga Nasional Bhd
TM, STREAMYX, UNIFI: > Telecomunication Service Provider > Telekom M'sia Bhd 
ASTRO : > Entertainment > Astro
CUKAI TANAH, CUKAI PINTU : > Assessment & Quit Rent > (Yang berkenaan)

To make it easy, it depends on where you are. Apa-apa refer bill, that's the easiest way to choose you option.

There is also a more simpler way to pay your bills every month. Just make sure to add your bill accounts as favourites, so next time when you want to pay your bills, you just have to fill in the amount you want to pay only.

As example:

This is how you add favourite acc to your billers

Click on favourites

As you can see I have already added favourites to my billers, but I'll still show how to add one more.
Make sure to click on Add New Bill

At payee category make sure you choose the payee you want to add. As an example I want to set up for paying my streamyx bill. I just follow the steps earlier as paying the bills.

For streamyx, I chose as above. For Astro, TNB, or SYABAS, just follow the steps I shown earlier.
After you guys have selected what you wanted, click next

This page will show, just fill in the blanks. 
Clicks Bill Nickname is anything that makes it easy for you to recognize the account.
As example, I'm setting up for Streamyx, I put in BIL STREAMYX
Then make sure you put in your streamyx bio acc no at the bottom.
After yoou have done that click next.

Then they will ask you to request for a TAC
Submit your TAC and then you have your favourites saved!

So next time when you pay your bill, you'll have something like this

Rather than choosing Open Billers like above, you guys could select favourites and this will show, depends on how many billers you have added to your favourite account.

This time all your particulars like Bill Account Number will be automatic showned and you are just left to enter the amount of bill you have to pay for that month.
If you have confirmed it will automatically pay, no need for TAC no anymore.
But make sure evertime after you made payment, print your transaction or just save it as a PDF first.
Just in case if something happens in the future, at least you got proof that payment has been made.

 So its that easy right?
No more wasting time and queuing to pay your bills
Evrything could be done at home.
Why not have a try.
Till then, bye peeps.

P/s: This is not a sponsored post


  1. for paying streamyx, it ask for 14 digit account number, but i only have 12 digit account number? which one does it mean?

    1. Call TM. Ask for Service No. Service No tu 14 digit

  2. i also have the same problem with u, how to solve?

  3. hi,
    untuk contoh jika bayar bil TNB guna CiMB, kalau kita bayar hari ni, adakah hari ini juga TNB dapat duit bayaran yang kita buat tu? atau terima rekod bayaran kita serta merta?

  4. mcm mne nk byar bil digi ek. Sy da try bt. Payment berjaya tp msih ade outstanding.

    1. Selalunya sistem perlu masa untuk update. Kalau ragu2 call customer service Digi sama ada terima pembayaran untuk account stay tidak. Kalau tak ada, boleh resit pembayaran di CIMB Clicks tu boleh dijadikan bukti pembayaran.

  5. Kalau buat bayaran bill umobile guna pay bill cimb clicks, proses ambil masa berapa lama... ??? Tengok kat summary umobile, bill yg perlu bayar tetap sama je...

    1. dlm 2-3 hari waktu bekerja. nak cpt byr kat kuanter umobile je


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