12 January 2014

Digi Challenge For Change

Happy Sunday peeps!
So have you guys ever heard of Digi Challenge For Change Contest?
Don't tell me you haven't, cause its everywhere.

What is Digi Challenge For Change you say?
Well its an effort from Digi to collect ideas from Malaysians to create the best apps that will be useful for us.
Yes.. applications for your phones, Digi is hunting down ideas from you.

For your info, its now the fifth time for DCFC and if you have been paying attention carefully to Play Store for those who are using android phones, you guys must have already came across to the previous apps that had won DCFC.

This year Digi tends to make DCFC more bigger and stronger. With four categories to offer, and to help maximise the quality and potential of each idea and mobile app, DiGi has also established two development events as part of the programme, namely #IDEAJAM, an ‘idea hackathon’, and #HACK!@DiGiCFC, a ‘mobile app hackathon’.

Digi has also partnered up with 1 Malaysia for Youth (iM4U) to encourage youth to also participate and contribute ideas. Not only with iM4U but also with Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Digital Malaysia, Google Malaysia, and Microsoft Malaysia continue to support DiGiCFC as partners.

This Challenge for Change is open to Malaysians from 12 years old and above and is carried out in 2 phases.

Ideation Challenge (27 November 2013 to 18 January 2014)
This phase  is where the ideas from the public are submitted.

App Development Challenge (26 January 2014 to 24 April 2014)
During this phase, the 4 best app that are selected will undergo the development of the app and soon these apps will be available for download to the public. The most popular app will be counted as the winner for DiGiCFC.

What makes it more exciting is that the prizes they offer are superbly awesome

More than RM200,000 in cash and experiential prizes are up for grabs this year, including:
·       RM5,000 and a smartphone for each of the top 4 idea finalists 
·       RM25,000 for each winning app in the respective categories 
·       RM25,000 for the best overall idea winner of the DiGi Innovation Award
·       Telenor Group Award for the best developer / team
·       A host of promotions and go-to-market support from DiGi. 

With that much to offer, who wouldn't want to give it a try right?
Well I've already submitted my idea, but still I want to submit again. Would you like to join me?

First step you could choose either one of these social platforms to get you registered.

Then key in your personal details for step 2

Then fill up the idea of your app, name your app, explain to them how useful your app will be for Malaysians.
My idea?

Tadaaaa.. I submitted 2 ideas already.
One of them is this, Manage Me

Why not try find it at DiGiCFC website

And why not try participating as well, who knows you might be running for the Grand Prize

Till then peeps

P/s: This post was sponsored

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