04 November 2013


I wanna go! I wanna go go and go!

Why I wanna go to this party?
OMG why would I wouldn't?
Am I craaaazy to not to go?


There are just so may reasons why I am eager to go.
Lets start then

I'm a Kinohimitsu Loving Blogger

You see! You see! I fell in love with Kinohimitsu when I first knew about it from Tammy's survival kit that I got during the trip to Tambun. Since then I've been loving this drink so much! Its taste good and its good for our body. It makes me glowwww! Lol .. Well everyone wants to look pretty right? And I'm in my 20's already, beauty and wellness is just important during this age.

Faithful Butterfly

Oh yes! I do mean this. Since my first event with The Butterfly Project , the Spa Party, I had so much fun and I experience a lot of new things that I would have never thought of doing. That is why I'm trying hard to be always faithful to this community since it has taught me a lot. Like I told earlier, I'm in my early 20's and I'm growing up, I don't want my experience growing up into an adult be empty. Cause from all the events I had participated with The Butterfly Project I had so much fun and gained more knowledge than I had ever knew before about beauty, wellness and life,

Social Butterfly

I wanna paaartyyy! Yess, even though the party is on a weekday, but still I have my party mode on. The best part is that we are all girls! We can go wild and crazy. After joining events after events with this community, I also made friends with a lot of butterflies. And every time there is an event, we would be asking, are you going? Are you joining? And that makes it more fun, since we come from different places and meeting once in a while like this makes the party more happening, don't you think? And of course during each event we all get to meet new faces, that's the best part of it. You would never know who would turn up.

Addicted to Spa!

Omaigadd... I was jumping up and down when I read that their having the party at Villa Manja Spa. Seriously I have pampered myself to much. Since I've joined, I've been 'Spa'ed' a lot. Haha.. And I'm so loving the feeling of that. I'm such a hectic person, I can't do anything without doing anything, get it? No? What I mean is I like getting myself busy, and in the end my body can't cope with it. At lease I get to relax comfortably in a Spa. Yess... Can't wait to get 'Spa'ed' again! 

Its a Year End Party says Tammy

Since its gonna be the last party for 2013 with these Butterflies of course I don't wanna miss out on this. Like seriously I don't. Its time for a blast night of fun and I wanna don the hulla with ma girls on that night. Should I wear a grass skirt then? Wait, let me picture myself in it. ROTF!

 Hehe.. I bet all the butterflies are so looking forward for this party and so am I. Seriouly can't wait! So please Butterfly Project! Please Tammy, can I end my year with partying like never before with you guys? I promise I'll finish up all my assignments before I go. Haha..
I don't want to miss the fun!

Woaaaa.. I can;t believe that I wrote that much. I was just planning to write in point forms, but it turned out that my heart is taking control in words. So for those bloggers out there, familiar or not familiar with The Butterfly Project, lets join together! Here's how you guys can win an invite by hopping over to Tammy's Blog, the founder of The Butterfly Project.
Good Luck Peeps!

The Butterfly Project


Villa Manja Spa

P/s: Excited! Excited!


  1. haha cutenya your hand drawn grass skirt !!!

  2. Happy berparty mira! Mesti dpt invi punye tu...
    Kompem Dek kerna hawaiians skirt tu.. Hihihi


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