08 October 2013


Who loves food say wohooooooooo!
If your a food blogger and you missed out on Nuffnang Food Fest, you surely would have regreted it and it also open to public.

Last Sunday Nuffang held their first ever food fest at Sunway Pyramid and it was awesome!

You just see the crowed! It was packed with people!
There were free food everywhere and all I had to do was just tweet!

I just tweeted and mention thier products and I got free food. And that was my first time ever tasting New Zealand ice cream. Sedapppp!!!

And look,  my favourite Chicken meal was also there, Nando's! 
It was for free and I had a go 3 times. Awesomeness.. wish everyday can have nandos

Just one of the examples on how to get food

I also participated on one of their games

The mission was to keep hula hooping the longest, but all of us failed since we all couldnt last doing it for even a second.
But still it was fun though

And after that I still continuied eating

I also met Farah..
First time met her at Nuffnang Birthday Bash, and only now I get to meet her again at Nuffang Food Fest.
Seriously it was like a renunion for bloggers eventhough it was open to public

Tadaaaaa... Free powerbanks yawww..
Thank you Nuffng for this awesomeness!
I really needed this, but it was also hard to get cause we only could try and get it at a certain time with only 10% of battery left, and of course we had to tweet it. 
At that time my battery was half already, powerbank punya pasal sungguh-sungguh berusaha habiskan battery.
Never thought that draining my battery was hard. 
And not forgetting jasa Atikah Ramlan juga.

Had a blast day with this Neneks Nisa Fuzi that day

Thanks Nuffang for this Food Fest! 
Make sure to have it again next year.



  1. burppp..kenyangnya..hehe..
    byk powerbank meh lah satu..:)

  2. #NNFoodFest best
    semoga ada lagi next time

  3. heyyyy banyaknyaaa mira dapat power bankkkk T___T bak satuuuu :P
    miraa omeyyyy sangatttt ;))

  4. auww..sweet of u dear..i xsempt lg nak update blog

  5. hahahha. org takde masa lagi nak update.. sedihhh


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