13 October 2013

Nestle's Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge

Calling all adventurers out there!
Woot woot.. be prepared for Nestle's Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge.
Nestle Drumstick brings to you the ultimate challenge to search and locate Nestle's Ice Cream freezers across Malaysia.

And I had a chance to take part on the challenging adventure to gain a Nestle Drumstick.

Huhh? What happened? Lol

Last week Nestle's Drumstick was at Sunway Lagoon, me and a few other bloggers were invited to personally try out the challenge they had prepared, and myyy, I did get myself hell wet.

Us girls just before we started our challenge.
We were all curious what waited ahead us.

While waiting for eavh of our turns, we were given free ice cream! Wohooo...
Nestles Drumstick freeee, and I had 3.. who can resist Ice Cream right?

And then it was finally my turn,
Seeing the others came out in a disaster made me more eager to face the challenge myself.
Everyone came out wet and full of slime and jelly

So the challenge was to gain a Nestle Drumstick and bring it out in one minute, but.. we had to face the obtacles
And whoever achieves that, they get an All Park acsess to Sunway Lagoon and also RM50 on the spot.
But if you fail, you just get the ticket.
And for that RM50 I was all fired up.

Andd.. I came out with nothing on my head.
Cause I got punched inside and my ice cream fell..
Tergolek-golek aku dalam tu, mentang2 aku kemetot.
But still I still got the entrance ticket to Sunway Lagoon

After we all got wet

So for you guys who missed this, don't fret cause you guys are into more luck, cause there are prizes worth more than RM100,000 to be won.


Head down here to know more

Hurry up, mini tablets awaits you every week!

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