04 October 2013

Miss Rosy BFF Tea Party

Helloo blog readers!
Last month I was invited to Miss Rosy's Tea Party with all her beautiful BFF's at Plaza Damas.
There I was actually introduced to Miss Rosy and her secret to Rosy Fairness

A big thanks to The Butterfly Project  I had this chance to mingle with Miss Rosy's BFF's.
It was my second time actually joining their events so I still felt a bit awkward and shy. But luckily everyone was really friendly and I felt welcomed! 
Awwww.. Terharu, nak nangis pula.

The place was awesome

The deco was really pleasent, just loved the place

So, we were introduced to the Loreal team and they were all very friendly. They introduced us to Miss Rosy.

We were shared with Miss Rosy's secret to her fairness that was Loreal white Perfect as I showed to you at my earlier blogpost.
Right after that we were served with delicious food and tea by Angelic Tea

Felt like having tea with the Bristish, the pastry were awesome. And I didn't have enough of it.
After the pleasing our tummies, we had some fun time with just us girls.
What more than a make up session between us bloggers

Just look of what Loreal prepared for us! Of course we loved it till we couldn't leave the table. So bad that I couldn't take it all home. Lol

I was so attracted to the nail polish colours, and Sabrina helped me to put them all. She asked which one, and I said all! Tamak kan?

And the favourite colour of all is the one I'm holding that I put on my middle finger, the colour light pink that kindda makes your nail looks like it has a natural rosy fairness too.

Bloggers yang so addicted to make up untill we all missed a chance to getour picture drawn downstairs. But at least we all did have fun.

And a big thanks to Tammy, Illy and Ayna for inviting me!
I really di have a splendid time and wanting for more.
And a big thanks also to Loreal, so loving your products.

Till then peeps



  1. serious comel giler mira bila buat reaksi muka tu!!


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