15 October 2013

Bloggy's New Look Again

So lately I've been changing my blog theme a bit frequently haven't I?
Well to me how our blog looks reflects us
Either it is neat or not
Cheerful, Anger, Sadness
Cause a blog is like a diary
Only that's the diary ain't a secret no more

So from this layout

To this

Dark people! My fav colour
What do you guys think?

Which one better?

This time I wanted my blog to reflect more of me
And of course, having dark purple makes anything look elegant
Cause I love that kind of style

I am really serious about my blog now
After I sacrificed half my heart to start blogging professionally
I hope that it was the right decision to make
After realizing that was my passion after all

Semoga rezeki dipermudahkan
And Allah will always be guiding me

Wish me luck guys for a new start!



  1. macam mana akak buat background yang belakang tu ?cantik sungguh !

    1. pakai photoshop je dik, then baru upload untuk background blog

  2. Replies
    1. Boleh je, tapi aku tak tau taste kau. Jomlah lepak malam ni

  3. Pergh! Gila rajin tukar blog theme. Terasa kemalasan diri because I haven't changed mine for 1.5 years already, hahaha! But anyways, I do like both themes, the old and new ones.

    1. Lol.. Dah mintak tukar sangat dah tu, kalau malas just hire someonelah to do the job for you.

  4. woohoo..New Look!! nice nice!
    pika tak reti lah nak edit-edit ni..tu pasal blog pika putih je..hahahaa..bohsan..

    1. Alaa pika, ni pun banyak guna tuto je, banyak kali jugak la cuba

  5. cantik, i love the mysterious aura to this new look ^_^

  6. lawanyaa background kembar :D

  7. Look nice...macam mysterious sikit

  8. as for me, yang before this nampak ceria, yang baru ni nampak haunted.. takut ooo tengok mira jeling.. LOL :p

    *i feel you babe.. :')


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