05 September 2013

Semester Break

Without realizing it has been 2 months and next week a new semester begin.
Aaaaaaa.. Seriously not looking forward for a new semester.
I still haven't prepared yet, mentally.. I don't know if I'm ready to cope with new stress! Erghhh..

Anyways, semester break has been a great one!
The only semester break that I got to celebrate raya the fullest!
Andddd, the best part is my friends are also on their semester break! All of them!  So this semester break was a long one and of course I spent most of the time catching up with old friends.

During my schoool days, form 3 was the best of them all and till now my close friends were my classmates back then.  

The Whatsapp group I created till now keeps on making noise all the time. 

There were tons more of pictures but I'm not gonna upload all of it here.

Not stopping there, I also bought some of them to movie screenings and blogger events. Cause this blog thing is new and I think my blogging life is so so unfamiliar with them. 

There's a lot more of precious moments during this break,
Even though I'm having my own personal problems, luckily I have my friends by my side.
So the damage was a bit minimum


Sorry peeps for this kind of post.
But still semester break was awesome this one.


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