17 September 2013


'Anda Kuasakannya', Shahiezy Sam.

Yes! You guys are in charge to help Sam back into his music career.
Nescafe has teamed up with Shahiezy Sam and Andy Mok  to create Sam's first song!
During the launch last Tuesday at Solaris Dutamas, Sam said he was looking forward to come back into the music industry since his career started there, but he was more known as an actor than a singer.
Even I didn't know at first, siap google lagi boyband mana dia join dulu. LOL

Anyway, this is where you guys come in.
Sam wants you guys to give him inspiration by helping him out with the lyrics of his new single.
With additional help from Andy Mok, you guys would surely cannot wait for the turn out right?
Andy Mok also hopes that you guys squeeze the juice by submitting in great lyrics

So, what are you guys waiting for? Help Sam with his lyrics by tweeting them or even instagraming it to #nescafeonsam . Remember guys, squeeze the juice.

For more info, you guys can head down to Nescafe Malaysia youtube and check out Sam himself.

P/s: This post was sponsored by Nescafe



  1. Kalini tak boleh update pasal "goodies",
    hikhokhikhok. Kan?


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