11 September 2013

Make-Up Look Inspired by The Mortal Instruments City of Bones

Hye peeps!
Remember last month I won a make up kit from Sephora during the premier screening The Mortal Instruments City of Bones?
Well, could you believe it or not, I just opened the box and had a try of it just now.

I wanted to do like a make-up review for this blogpost, but still I don't know much bout make up and this is really something new for me. So let me say that this is something to share. You guys decide.

So let me share with you guys whats inside the box.

Jumbo Eye Pencil
The colour sangat cantik, it wasn't so striking gold and to me the colour was just for me. Its more likely for the base and this is my first time actually having this kind.

The Smokey Shadow Palette
Woww.. This eyeshadow palette did let me think that I'm gonna wear eyeshadows everyday after this. 

With seven colours to combine and create a great smokey eye. Especially the blue and purple, loved it!

The Studio Liquid Liner

From choices of eyeliners, I love liquid liners the most. At first I didnt love the brush much for this liner since it had a really thin brush cause I love to put on a lot of eyeliner when I wear it so my eyes look bigger. But then when I tried the inspired look from the box, I changed my mind. I think I look better with thin eyeliner, and the brush was perfect!

Bouder Mascara 
I'm not a big fan of mascara's either cause it usually makes my eyes heavy and it sticks together and makes me feel so uncomfortable especially if I have my glasses on. But for this one, I don't seem to realize I have it on. 

Powder Blush

Honestly I haven't tried this one yet. It didn't come with a brush and my brush has been missing for the past month. So I'll try this when I get a new brush.

Soft Matte Lip Cream

My first ever pink colour lipstick! And it smells like candy. Its bright pink and makes my lips look natural. If you noticed, I love wearing lipstick with colour, I thought pink lipstick will make me look pale, but it didn't. It gave me a natural look and I loved it!

And inside the box came also with a look book which wanted me to have a try on its inspired look. So here it goes.

For the day look

And for the Night Look

And so that's it. This is my first time actually putting on so much effort on make-up, usually just tibai je asal nampak cantik. This time I tried to follow as much as possible as the look book.

So that's all peeps.

Sorry for the lack on info for the products.



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