20 September 2013

ESCAPE with Celcom

Hellooo people,
So who loves watching movies?
Angkat kening! Anyone?
Well I do, I love keeping myself entertained with movies I pretty much use a lot of money on movies.
I love going to the cimema as well, but one thing about the cinema is that its swarming with people and I love to focus when watching a movie.

So here's the solution.
I could now ESCAPE with Celcom! Oh yeahhh!!
Escape you mean?
Escape is an app for Celcom subscribers and its totally free to sign up.
Its an online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies.
and you guys could also enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your mobile device.

There are up too 500 movies there, so tak payah pening-pening kepala mana nak download movie lagi kan?With all sorts of movie genres (Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance), Concerts, Red Carpet Events and more.
The best part is that its inHi-resolution images are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices.
Whats a feel for a movie if you don't watch it in HD right?

And you can have ESCAPE anywhere, anytime cause you watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows)
Just download the app for FREE on your mobile to ESCAPE on the go.
With the Pause & Play function, you can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching on another device as you please so you never miss your favourite show again.

So people, how to ESCAPE?
Just simply go to www.ESCnow.com to register

What you have to do is choose either you want to register with facebook or direct with your phone no
Take not that you guys must be a celcom subscriber to register.

This is registration through facebook

And this is registration through your mobile
Just fill in your details

You guys will the recieve a code on your mobile to validate

Then you will have to validate your email

Just click on the link to validate

And your ready to go!

So lets explore a little about ESCAPE

So as you can see they have their Highlights according to dates
And if you see at the dashboard you can view Wacth All right?
Lets see what they offer

Movies, Seiries and Korean Drama
What's cool is, Korean Drama is linked with Maadu and for those who loves Korean Dramas of course would know about it right?
For movies and series that have a lot to offer but you guys need to get a pass to watch

Okla tu, its cheaper than going to the Cinemas right?
And you get HD view

You guys could either pay through your celcom account or via credit card
Just simple as that

And so, download the app, enjoy the entertainment.
Like what I'm doing right now

Till then.
Bye peeps!

P/s: This post was sponsored

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