29 September 2013

Journey To The Lost World of Tambun by ETS

Hellooo dear blog readers! So how you guys doing today?
Its a Sunday and some of you might have wished to go on a holiday right?
But got no time? Whats the fust, just use your weekend.

Last week, I had all the joy in a weekend.
Thanks to The Butterfly Project I had a great getaway with all these pweetty ladies!

25 September 2013

The Secret to my BFF's Rosy Fairness

Anyone miss me?
I'm sure my BFF does, who?

Yess! From now Miss Rosy is my new BFF cause she introduced me to Rosy Fairness.

Somehow me and Miss Rosy has a few things in common, like Miss Rosy, she is super connected to social media and so am I!
She's on facebook, twitter and also Instagram and me as well!

Its addictive! But not only that, we also have our favourite thing, but the difference it I love her opposite!
Yes, for Miss Rosy these are the things that are important to her

While for me,

She loves pink! But I love purple
My tablet!! Can't live without it
Lip balm is a must!
My favourite pair of flip-flops.

But what we share is of course a trusted skin care product that is L'Oreal Paris Prefect White!

So her secret to Rosy Fairness is revealed!
Its L'Oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening
That will make you look rosy and healthier.

So I also wanted to look rosy and beautiful like my new BFF, so I also tried out to her secret.
Which she gave me the recipe to her secret.

During the day and then

During the night
And lets see me in the process for Rosy Fairness

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam (RM21.90 for 100ML)
The perfect start to whitening skincare, this milky cleanser helps thoroughly remove dirt and impurities from skin living it clean and flawless. It is enhanced with ingredients like the powerful Pink Tourmaline Gemstone and Melanin Vanish to protect against melanin synthesis.

So first was the whitening foam. Its so milky and so so best to use! At first I thought the size was to small and it could finish in a month, but what I didn't know that it was so milky that I just has to use a little for every wash and still it makes a lot of foam.

You see! You see!

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Toner (RM22.90 for 200ML)
To better prep your skin for other whitening products, this refreshing toner helps to further hydrate skin for better absorption

Then the toner, I love the smell and the freshness

L'Oreal Paris White perfect Double Essence (RM59.90 for 2x15ML)
A truly innovative product, this double action radiance-enhancing essence features the two powerful ingredients-  Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone- in an easy to use pump bottle. Get anti-spot and anti-skin darkening action as this essence helps to lighten skin tone and fade brown spots so that skin is more even and radiant. With regular use, skin is immediately moisturised, softer, smoother, fairer and even.

And then the White Perfect Double Essense

Its white and pink, and its super light. Doesn't even feel like your having it on.

Then use either the day cream or the night cream
The day one is the white and the night one is the purple one

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (RM33.90 for 50ML)
A day cream to help protect your skin against harmful UV rays while keeping it even toned and gives you fairness with a rosy glow! With its powerful Melanin Vanish ingredient, this day cream helps reduce spots and visibly brightens skin tone for a more radiant look. It also provides long-lasting hydrating properties and helps tighten pores to give skin a refined look. UV filters protect against UV-induced darkening, thus reducing the appearance of brown spots and freckles.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream (RM36.90 for 50ML)
For better repair and rejuvenation at night, L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream provides skin with the effective ingredients so that you wake up fairer and rosier skin the next morning.

The textures are different, on my left is the day cream and on my right is the night cream.
The day cream is more creamy its not so oily, while the night cream is light and very soft.

And this is something additional that I received during the Spa Party previously.
Its still in the White Perfect Family so I thought I'll share this also
White Perfect Complimentary Action Day + Night

This is the Concealing Treatment for Day

And then the Spot Correcter Essence for night

And after that I just put on their compact powder

And what I love about this compact powder is that it has a kind of pinkish colour on top to blend with our skin colour, so it makes my skin looks a bit rosy just like that.

But of course everyone now would love to have that natural glow of beauty even without a slight of makeup or powder on right?
So I tried L'Oreals White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening for about 2 weeks now and do you guys wanna see the difference?

This is me a few weeks before I started using L'Oreal
Without any make up or powder on

And this is me after 2 weeks using L'Oreal
Even without any makeup or powder on
Can you see the difference?

Do I look Rosy like my new BFF already?

You guys decide
But personally, I really am falling in love with this skincare
The smell is nice and its really great to use
I'm also getting really confident with my skin now.

And guys, before I forget, Miss Rosy is also having a contest on Instagram

So make sure to check her out okay!


20 September 2013

ESCAPE with Celcom

Hellooo people,
So who loves watching movies?
Angkat kening! Anyone?
Well I do, I love keeping myself entertained with movies I pretty much use a lot of money on movies.
I love going to the cimema as well, but one thing about the cinema is that its swarming with people and I love to focus when watching a movie.

So here's the solution.
I could now ESCAPE with Celcom! Oh yeahhh!!
Escape you mean?
Escape is an app for Celcom subscribers and its totally free to sign up.
Its an online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies.
and you guys could also enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your mobile device.

There are up too 500 movies there, so tak payah pening-pening kepala mana nak download movie lagi kan?With all sorts of movie genres (Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance), Concerts, Red Carpet Events and more.
The best part is that its inHi-resolution images are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices.
Whats a feel for a movie if you don't watch it in HD right?

And you can have ESCAPE anywhere, anytime cause you watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows)
Just download the app for FREE on your mobile to ESCAPE on the go.
With the Pause & Play function, you can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching on another device as you please so you never miss your favourite show again.

So people, how to ESCAPE?
Just simply go to www.ESCnow.com to register

What you have to do is choose either you want to register with facebook or direct with your phone no
Take not that you guys must be a celcom subscriber to register.

This is registration through facebook

And this is registration through your mobile
Just fill in your details

You guys will the recieve a code on your mobile to validate

Then you will have to validate your email

Just click on the link to validate

And your ready to go!

So lets explore a little about ESCAPE

So as you can see they have their Highlights according to dates
And if you see at the dashboard you can view Wacth All right?
Lets see what they offer

Movies, Seiries and Korean Drama
What's cool is, Korean Drama is linked with Maadu and for those who loves Korean Dramas of course would know about it right?
For movies and series that have a lot to offer but you guys need to get a pass to watch

Okla tu, its cheaper than going to the Cinemas right?
And you get HD view

You guys could either pay through your celcom account or via credit card
Just simple as that

And so, download the app, enjoy the entertainment.
Like what I'm doing right now

Till then.
Bye peeps!

P/s: This post was sponsored

17 September 2013


'Anda Kuasakannya', Shahiezy Sam.

Yes! You guys are in charge to help Sam back into his music career.
Nescafe has teamed up with Shahiezy Sam and Andy Mok  to create Sam's first song!
During the launch last Tuesday at Solaris Dutamas, Sam said he was looking forward to come back into the music industry since his career started there, but he was more known as an actor than a singer.
Even I didn't know at first, siap google lagi boyband mana dia join dulu. LOL

Anyway, this is where you guys come in.
Sam wants you guys to give him inspiration by helping him out with the lyrics of his new single.
With additional help from Andy Mok, you guys would surely cannot wait for the turn out right?
Andy Mok also hopes that you guys squeeze the juice by submitting in great lyrics

So, what are you guys waiting for? Help Sam with his lyrics by tweeting them or even instagraming it to #nescafeonsam . Remember guys, squeeze the juice.

For more info, you guys can head down to Nescafe Malaysia youtube and check out Sam himself.

P/s: This post was sponsored by Nescafe


14 September 2013

DiGi Roaming

Hello blog readers!
So guys, have you've been overseas lately?
Even though your out at another persons country of course you always wanna updated back at home right?
And that's where the internet comes in right?

Have you guys ever had problems with carrying along your internet as well when you travel overseas?
Cause your using a data plan back here in Malaysia and when you go overseas, how can got coverage right?
Well, for those who haven't known yet, we have International Roaming for those frequent travellers and Digi offers it.

International Roaming?

International Roaming (IR) allows you to surf the internet without having having a shock on your bill. Like serious you guys can go bankrupt just because you guys surfed the internet overseas without subscribing to IR. Cause your charges will be counted as 'Pay As You Use' and do you know how expensive 1MB of data is?

It has been a habit right, going overseas taking pictures and upload it straight to Instagram, then you have your Whatsapp, Kakao Talk and so to keep in touch. Don't even forget bout facebook, so the internet is so important right? And these apps take up a lot of data. So be extra careful and make sure you have your IR activated while overseas.

Digi on the other hand offers great deals to their subscribers that are travelling overseas. You guys can enjoy unlimited roaming via your mobile phone, laptop and even tablet with a daily max cap from as low as RM32/day with 41 operators worldwide.

What Digi is offering now is a package plan of

Roam Abroad at RM32/Day 
Roam Abroad at RM36/Day 
Roam Abroad at RM56/Day

Data usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM32/RM36/RM56 per day.
                Data usage less than 3MB will be charged at:
·         RM10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM32/day
·         RM12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM36/day

·         RM18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM56/day

It means that, with these kind of packages you guys will have no bill shock at the end of the month. If your usage on that day is 3MB and above, you guys will only be charged at its daily max cap of the day which is either RM32/RM36/RM56, but if you use less than that you will just have to pay the price according to the prices above.

Take note that this offer is only applicable for Digi postpaid customers only.

As an example, let me demonstrate, lets say I'm going to Italy next month and I still wanna have Internet, so what I should do is I should do some study first and head down to Digi's Website about IR.

Click Picture to Enlarge
So as you can see, if your going to Itlay, there is a Max cap of RM56/day and make sure that you have connected your mobile service provider to TIM as provided above. If not you won't be able to get any internet.

Take note that is better if you guys activate FREE Automatic Credit Limit service to keep track of your spending while roaming in overseas.

And if you noticed, sending a message is much more expensive than sending a Whatsapp now. So make sure you be a smart user and subscribe with DiGi Roaming to enjoy these offers. Travelling has become much more cheaper don't you think?

And here are some tips from Digi before travelling:

Pointers to ensure that you have a better roaming experience when you travel:-
  • Activate International Roaming on your mobile phone.
  • Check to see if the country that you are visiting supports DiGi International Roaming.
  • For DiGi Postpaid™ customers: Make sure that you do not leave any outstanding bills unpaid before going overseas. This is to avoid service interruptions while roaming.
  • For DiGi Prepaid™ customers: Make sure that you have at least RM10 of talktime credit before going overseas. You can still receive calls as long as you have enough talktime credit to accommodate the charges for receiving calls while roaming.
  • Save the DiGi Customer Service Helpline number (+6016 2211 800) on your mobile phone. It may come in handy while you are roaming overseas.
  • Make use of the *128# Info Access Quick Menu to get more information on your account’s credit balance, credit limit and more.
  • Make use of DiGi’s *111* Voice Call service to enjoy cheaper call rates.
  • Not a fan of call-back services? Use Prepaid/Postpaid Roaming Direct Dial to make calls quickly and easily at standard rates.
  • Pack a universal charger to suit different plug points in different countries.

So I hope this post has been beneficial for you guys and for the travellers make sure you know more on International Roaming, its so important.

Till then peeps!

P/s: This post was sponsored


11 September 2013

Make-Up Look Inspired by The Mortal Instruments City of Bones

Hye peeps!
Remember last month I won a make up kit from Sephora during the premier screening The Mortal Instruments City of Bones?
Well, could you believe it or not, I just opened the box and had a try of it just now.

I wanted to do like a make-up review for this blogpost, but still I don't know much bout make up and this is really something new for me. So let me say that this is something to share. You guys decide.

So let me share with you guys whats inside the box.

Jumbo Eye Pencil
The colour sangat cantik, it wasn't so striking gold and to me the colour was just for me. Its more likely for the base and this is my first time actually having this kind.

The Smokey Shadow Palette
Woww.. This eyeshadow palette did let me think that I'm gonna wear eyeshadows everyday after this. 

With seven colours to combine and create a great smokey eye. Especially the blue and purple, loved it!

The Studio Liquid Liner

From choices of eyeliners, I love liquid liners the most. At first I didnt love the brush much for this liner since it had a really thin brush cause I love to put on a lot of eyeliner when I wear it so my eyes look bigger. But then when I tried the inspired look from the box, I changed my mind. I think I look better with thin eyeliner, and the brush was perfect!

Bouder Mascara 
I'm not a big fan of mascara's either cause it usually makes my eyes heavy and it sticks together and makes me feel so uncomfortable especially if I have my glasses on. But for this one, I don't seem to realize I have it on. 

Powder Blush

Honestly I haven't tried this one yet. It didn't come with a brush and my brush has been missing for the past month. So I'll try this when I get a new brush.

Soft Matte Lip Cream

My first ever pink colour lipstick! And it smells like candy. Its bright pink and makes my lips look natural. If you noticed, I love wearing lipstick with colour, I thought pink lipstick will make me look pale, but it didn't. It gave me a natural look and I loved it!

And inside the box came also with a look book which wanted me to have a try on its inspired look. So here it goes.

For the day look

And for the Night Look

And so that's it. This is my first time actually putting on so much effort on make-up, usually just tibai je asal nampak cantik. This time I tried to follow as much as possible as the look book.

So that's all peeps.

Sorry for the lack on info for the products.