28 August 2013

Why I wanna go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Why?! Why?! and Why do I wanna go?!
Its because of the reasons in this video below.

Haha.. OMG! That was embarrassing!!!! Actually that was my first time making a video and it felt so so so awkward. I can't believe I had the courage to post that in my blog. But why did i? Cause I do really wanna go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project. I thought that my chances of winning competing with 29 other butterflies with just a dull blogpost would definitely not give me a spot. So I inserted a video.

For those who still don't know what this is about. This is actually and event held by The Butterfly Project. Every month the will held an activity or an event for bloggers, especially on beauty and health. This community will for first it was just for girls and now its open for boys too. For Septembers project, their going to the Lost World of Tambun and I so wanna butt along, since I had so much fun at the Spa Party!

Anyways, since the video is still lacking, I'm still gonna right my reasons why I insist on participating in this event.

So the first reason of course is that, I guess you guys know already right? But I'm still gonna say it cause I have never been to The Lost World of Tambun before.

In fact I hardly have a vacation, so that's why I'm so looking forward to this. I've heard about it before and it really does seems like a great place to have fun and relax.

So I've heard that the awesomeness that awaits the butterflies there are too much.
Ok! Ok! I'm too excited. 

First they have their Theme Parks, not only 1, but 6!

1. The Water Park

Wohoaaa.. Its been months since I played with water and I surely love water parks. Really can't wait to see what The Lost World of Tambun has to offer.

2. The Amusement Park

Another one of the reasons why I wanna go.

3. The Tiger Valley

Cause I'm also a cat lover, so I could greet these big cats.

4. The Lost World Petting Zoo

This seems fun as well, I'm not so fond of the mice family, but there are surely other animals that I would love to get a chance to hold.

5. The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa Features

Ohh yess. This is what everyone is looking forward  to. Since I've been pampered with the Spa Party previously, I really want to have a go at a nice Spa again. My finals are over and I got a great grade for last semester. So for the beginning of a new semester I want to reward myself with a treat of relaxation and fun!

6. The Tin Valley

This is going to be exciting!  A brief back to history.

So that's all of the Theme Parks there, can't wait to explore one by one.  But wait, there is more, they also have experiential activities for team building!

Wohoaaaa.. I would sure be loving that! I miss those kind of activities. But what I really want right now is a full day relaxation at a Spa. Been going through a lot lately, and I really do need to pamper myself with something refreshing.

And that's why, I wanna have a great time at a nice hotel and have a good deep sleep for once.

And definitely I'll get enough rest here. In my head I'm just thinking a two day trip without having to think about anything else but to have just a great time and relax! 
So please The Butterfly Project, make my wish come true!

Aaaaaaaa... Can't wait! Can't wait!

So please please please take me along with you guys! I so so so wanna go, I know you heard that many times but still I just wanna let you guys how much I wanna go. In fact, I just met a few butterflies during the Spa Party and I wanna know more of them. Its not everyday that we can go on a vacai like this right?

And again' Please Get Me Out From This Room!', I'm so so ready to start packing. Don't break my heart pleeeeeaseeee!

Want to join along? Sure, head down here



  1. min. 4:23 !!!!! haha..good luck beb :)

    1. yeahhh,kalau menang jgn lupa belikan aku ole-ole keh,ahak

  2. Congratulations mIra :) your video touched our hearts!

  3. Assalamualaikum. nice entri! hehehhee. see you there :)

  4. Hi sweetie, Congratulation on being one of the chosen one! We can't wait to see you there <3 Btw, do you mind sending me a link (where I can view your video), please?
    .L of The Butterfly Project


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