18 August 2013

NBrew With Bloggers

A big thanks to Nuffnang I got a chance to have a splendid afternoon with bloggers at Nbrew last firday at Mid Valley Mall.
NBrew huhh?
Its a chemistry lab where sugar, spice and everything nice is added up and created a powerpuff girl!

So what actually Nbrew is its that its a healthy mouth watery pleasure, that surely will satisfy you. Why? Cause they make your dessert in front of your eyes
So let me take you into the Nbrew lab, where Nbrew desserts are created.

So at first we were introduced to Nbrew and shown how the ice cream was done. And after that we had our chance making our gelato ice-cream which is something really different from what I've seen before.
The difference of Nbrew is that their ice-cream are not ready made to be sold, but they are made when they received the order.
This Malaysian company which is now expanding was inspired from the United States, where ice-cream was made from Nitrogen.
Yesss! Nitrogen.
Nitogren that evaporates really fast and super duper cool, that enables to turn cream into ice in just a few minutes.

So this is where all the Nitrogen is kept. you see how cold is that. I had to wear gloves cause if nitrogen gets to my skin I'll get a freeze bite and feel nothing but pain.
As you can see, I'm putting the nitrogen into a steel jar cause it don't evaporate in there, and its in a form of liquid. This liquid will then be poured into the cream to create the gelato.

For Nbrew, they have 31 flavours all together if I'm not mistaken. What I made in the picture was their famous avocado flavour. The flavours were all already made, stored in a really big volumetric flask. I think the concept of Nbrew is really really cool, it felt more like my chemistry lab back in school, and somehow it make me felt like I was a chemist.. Haha..

This is what happens when the Nitrogen reacts with the cream. Its blended together until the cream hardens.

And lastly, the ice-cream is scooped out and put on a waffle, since mine was a avocado flavour, I put some gula melaka as its topping.

Tadaaaaaaa... Looks yummy ain't it?
Just sayang, cause I didn't do a good job scooping the ice cream out. That's why it turned out ugly, but still the taste was awesome. It has a very unique taste.
That day we were given a chance to taste, vanilla, avacado, dark chocolate and also mango yogurt. All of them were delicious. I don't know which one to say was my favourite. I loved all of them. Next time I wanna try the durian flavour.

So if you guys are tempted and wanna get a taste of Nbrew, its located at the first floor, near to Cotton On Mid Valley. Just beside of the ATM Machines.

And here are the handsome looking owners of Nbrew. You guys must go and hang out here, these guys are really really friendly! I know you guys are picturing KLCC right now right? Its not my fault their so tall. 

And of course I really had a fun time with all the bloggers aw well. Met new bloggers and met up with the ones I already know. It was fun.

And yes! I forgot to tell you guys, Nbrew is also opening a branch in Sunway Pyramid. Go there and get a scoop. Anddddd, take a picture of yourselves with their Liquid Nitrogen Gelato and you may be walking away with a I-phone 5 or even an Samsung S4.

And if you wanna know more about Nbrew, you guys can go to their Facebook Page

So thank you Nbrew for inviting me and also Nuffnang for the invites. It was a really great experience.

Before that, lets have a look on how they really made the gelato in this video below

P/s: Picture Credit to Anis Athia and Sabby Prue.

Thank You!


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    1. haha.. haruslah, takut tak ada masa nak buat blogpost nanti

  2. cambest je pakai labcoat bagai buat aiscream
    sedap tak aiskrim dia?
    boleh la tolong blanja ye next week,hahaha

    1. Nuar, kau la kena belanja kitaorg.. kau menang beso.. hehe

  3. technologies! :D
    aku pernah terbaca pasal OMG ice cream.

  4. wow bestnya..buat ice cream sendiri..:)

    1. Best sangat, nanti nak bukak kedai aiskrim la kak

  5. Wahh cepat nyer dia hehehehe mira tetap cute..


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