16 August 2013

My Make-Up Kit

Hellooooooo peeps!
So today I thought of showing my make-up set.

Well, if you guys have been following me your surely would now that I don't prefer make up everyday, except for occasions.
Anyways if combined everything that I have, this is what I get

Sedar tak sedar banyak jugak, even though I know some of you will say this is nothing, but to me its to much till I don't know which one to use. 
At first I don't like to make-up very much, but since I've been following a lot of beauty bloggers and with my age now, I think differently now. But still I wanna look natural, so I don't pressure my skin with to much make up on.

This is how I look like without any make-up on

Seriously I look like this, with big eyebags and so and so

But when I put on make up I end up looking like this

Haaaa.. Bezo tak? Haha.. 
That's why at least I need to put on some make-up, if not I'll look like a zombie walking around the streets.

And and the best part is, I didn't even use a single penny to buy make-up cause my mum is so supportive of me wearing make-up.

As you can see, I try to make me look as natural as possible, like people don't know that I'm even wearing make-up. Except for certain occasions where I need to look a bit different so I will put on a bit more effort.

But for simple outings, what I use is my Garnier Light Cream and a compact powder. I use to not wear cream at all, but then I realized that my skin was starting to burn since I spend my day under the hot sun. So I chose Garnier since I've been wearing that product since high school and my skin is okay with that. In fact I use a lot of Garnier products.

The best! Cause my skin is not that bad after years with Garnier.
As for compact powders, at first I loved using Misami but then I kinda loved this Loreal Paris compact powder which was one of the goodies that I received during the Spa Party.

My skin looks more alive with Loreal Paris than with Misami, even though I love using both of them but now I keep on using Loreal Paris.

For eyeliners, sometimes I love wearing them, but sometime I prefer without it, cause its kinda difficult to handle especially when I'm out and I have my prayer to do, I need to clear my make up first. And I spend most of my time in front of the mirror applying my eyeliner. But if I do wear eyeliner, I prefer the liquid liner, since its easy to wash without having to rub my eyes out. Another eyeliner that I love is the pencil liner from Silkygirl, its one of my favorites, cause it makes my eyes look bigger and its easy to wear and I don't have that in the picture.

Another thing that I have recently loved it Miss Rose Glossy Blusher, as you can see the pink bottle at the the corner of the picture. Mum bought me that, and she really understands how natural I wanted to look. At first I didn't want to wear it cause it was so pink, but then I tried it on, it made my skin look light pinkish and it looked nice. If not I'll get a pale white face.

For eyes shadows, I got tons of it, I use Leno and also Mac. This one is from Leno's. Its a whole set from eyeshadows to lipstick and also blushers. I don't prefer wearing eyeshadows for simple outings. I think its just to much. Eyeshadows only functions to me during big occasions.

For lipstick, I love using the sticks, for brushes its kinda leceh cause susah nak pakai. Besides this one is brand new from Lelan Vital, its cute! I love the casing, but I've just tried two clours, sayang pula nak pakai. Cantik sangat. 

So people, this is what I have, its not a lot, since I'm still a student. But maybe after this akan bertambah. Caause I kinda fell in love with Victoria Jacksons make-up kit. Made me more bersemangat nak cantik-cantik after this.



  1. you are flawless without makeup! <3

  2. klu dah comel, make-up ke tak make-up ke sama je

    *nak duit raya*

    Lepas ni boleh jadi beauty blogger cit cit plak


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