01 August 2013

ChurpOut Buka Puasa 2013

Every year I've noticed that Churp-churp will always have a buka puasa event. Eventhough I've heard about it every year, this is actually my first time participating.

This is my second event with Churp-churp and I found it superbly awesome! This year, the churpout buka puasa was held at Bijan Restaurant and it was also my first time there as well.
The mood at the restaurant was very romantic, so I was unable to take quality pictures since I only have my tablet to depend on, so most of the photo's for this post is from Churp-churp.

When I got there I found familiar faces and new ones. This event was really relaxed so we bloggers had time to minggle around and chit-chat throughout the event.

That night we had a wide range of foods, from traditional malay food, to seafood and more. But the best dish I tried so far was their chicked satay! OMG!! It was delicious! Never tasted a satay that good. And I couldn't stop eating it, I wanted to add more but it seemed that other people loved it too. Now I can only think of it. :'(

After buka, we had performances and games. I kinda missed the first game cause I was busy wandering around getting more food, especially the satay. Hehe.. Then Anuar came with a fuss trying to take pictures. The first game was to snap photo's of you with 10 different bloggers. And those who won, got a churpie doll.
The second game was a fun one. Since I missed the first game, I excitedly participated on the second. We had to draw for that game and I was like, oh yeahhhhh.. Drawing.. Great!
So I thought it will be figures like teapots or cats or whatsoever, but then I had to draw 'Bunga Api'.
And I only had a few second to draw that, so if I just drew sparkels, I don't think anyone could have guessed that, since the sparkels I drew didn't look like fireworks at all. So I drew the base, before fireworks became sparks in the air. I drew it just like in the cartoons hoping that they could figure it out. And they did! Great work! 

We had two teams in compete, since the other team had to draw a minion and the couldn't guess it, we won just at one go!

So we all got to bring a churpie doll! Finally I recieved one. 
The third game I totally didn't keep track, since  I found out they were also having another game session at the registration booth. We had to solve the puzzle as fast as we could.

It was really fun since all of us that won previously tried out! And there were shaky hands also, that made us laugh since we all wanted to finish it up as fast as possible.
The winners were announced at the end of the event, the guys won a really cute churpie thumbdrive while the girls won exclusive shawls from hijab2go. And I won myself one also. Hehe..

Just look at how many bloggers joined for that night, not forgetting we also had some local artist joining as well. That night was certainly funtastic! I certainly don't want to miss out for next year.

This is what I took home that night! Haha.. Now my room is full with blue birds.
Thanks ChurpChurp for this awesome event!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha.. syok jugaklah.. lain kali nak rembat lagi banyak

  2. berbaloi-baloi mira pergi...byk kumpul hadiah then jumpa ramai blogger lg...next year wajib join!

    1. Betul! Akak kena pergi next year kalau diaorg buat lagi. Sangat best!

  3. okla,menang pendrive churp-churp yg cute je
    at least tak balik dengan tangan kosong, hehe

    thank you churp-churp
    nnt nak update jugak pasal ni

    1. Haha.. Pendrive cute tu kau kena simpan masuk dalam koleksi hantaran kau. hehe


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