30 August 2013

Astro's Your Malaysian Is Showing!

Last week I was invited to another one of Astro's event that was in conjunction celebrating Malaysia's 56th Independence day at Mid Valley Megamall.
There were various of activities especially for the bloggers so they could spread positivity and happiness.

So for you. what does Independence mean to you guys? Or is it just a matter of people around you celebrating it, so does you? To me, I'm proud to be born as a Malaysian and it is certainly definitely better living in Malaysia. We have it all here.

So for Astro's campaign #UrMalaysianIsShowing #GoBeyond they are actually spreading the love and positiveness to all Malaysians.

If you guys have been active on twitter, u surely would have noticed that #UrMalaysianIsShowing last friday and we bloggers had great fun sharing the positivity.
Astro have created the GoBeyond app here for us to share our goals and positivity together!

On the launching of that day itself, may celebs also came down to show the positiveness to all the Malaysians. Lisa Surihani, Aznil Hj Nawawi, Haniff Era and more!

Dapatlah jumpa Pak Nil itu hari.. Hehe

And here is The Positive Engine, powered by Go Beyond, no matter how many times I try yo upload this pic, it stills stay rotated this way, sorry ya.
But the positive meter is cool right? So make sure spread more of those positivity.

Pic credit to Marya Hana
All the bloggers did really have a fun day, it seemed that most of the bloggers that I knew were there on that day, and it made it more awesome! So all the bloggers were divided into fours and a total of more than 20 groups I suppose, not so sure of that.

And the place was swarming with people, it was definitely packed!

Pic Credit to Sharizan Hamid

Here were my groupmates on that day. Group 3! I just met both of them on that day. There was supposed to be another member, but he didn't show up.

So do you guys see the T-Shirt we're wearing? Its actually one of the designs of Astro's T-shirt and its really really cool. And the best part it you can also contribute your ideas and make your own shirt! Even you can buy the ready made ones on their app.

From here you can make your own designs and also buy them! Cool right? 

For the bloggers, each group had different phrases like 'Stylo Mylo',  Rilek La Bro', 'Dah Makan?' and mine was 'solid giler'. Ok Lol

Anyways, each group was given a task of 27 things to do and our group had quite a hard time since we were missing one member.
Everything was like very random, I even had to say to a stranger that 'You are perfect!' Omaigaadd!!! Seriously tebalkan muka sangat-sangat masa tu. I sang Negaraku, and shouted Merdeka in front of public, and I did a lot of stuff that I would never do, I think all the bloggers had the same experience as I did though.
But thinking about it again, it was really fun!

Without noticing we have a lot to show of our Malaysian side right? No matter where a Malaysian grows up, or live, their Malaysian side still shows. And we should be proud of that!

The event that day ended with 3 groups as the winners. Congrats to them. Mine did not win, but at least we tried. It was a bit hard for us but we did enjoy that though.

And thank you astro for these awesome doorgifts! Just what I really needed now. A powerbank and a really cute umbrella, just suitable for me to carry to class. Oh yeahhh!

So guys, for more info about this campaign you can always hope down to Astro's Negaraku Campaign
And also spread your positivity at Astro Go Beyond!

So happy Independence Day dear Malaysians!
Bye Peeps!

P/s: This post was sponsored.


  1. Cikcit, oklah ni. walaupon last minute :)

    1. Haha... sebenarnya nak tulis lagi, tp tak sempat dah. Banyak gila benda nak siapkan

  2. hey nmpk awk tp xknl kn..hihihi so hi! ;)

    1. Hi! Haha, selalu dengar nama awak, tp tak kenal jugak, so hi balik! hehe

  3. comelnya team solid giler ni..hehe..;)

  4. selamat hari Merdeka

    kenapa entri ni macam tak lengkap?
    sila buat balik plizz
    oh, patut lah, takde gambar ak, wakakaka

    1. Haha.. Tak mau! Muka kau dah melambak dekat insta.. khekhe

  5. Assalamualaikum. selamat hari merdeka dan selamat hari raya. bestnyaa :)


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