03 July 2013

The Butterfly's Project Spa Party

Even though I'm facing my finals right now, I still wanna sumbat this event in my schedule.
I never done this before but I was so eager to attend this party that I didn't care that I had a paper to answer the next day. I should have been locked in my room far away from living creatures, and making sure I can sumbat every possible knowledge in my head.
But no!
I had the greatest time ever and I managed to answer my paper the next day. Oklaaaaaa.. I got all the answers answered.
Blablabla.. Back to the topic.

So this is my first time joining one of the Butterflies Project and I was a bit worried that I'll be forever alone there since I won't be seeing familiar faces. But then it turned out to be the opposite of what I have expected. Everyone was friendly! I was a bit shy at first since I didn't know anyone. Then I met Kak Aida Zura there. Yeayyy one familiar face. I met here during Astro's event once but didn't quite have the chance to talk. During the Spa Party did we had a lot of time to talk.

Sorry for the low picture quality, I just had my tablet camera to depend on that day. Sobssss :(

Anyways. here is a little bit of what awesomeness we experienced that day. Each of us was given a coupon for manicure, pedicure, facial, massage and mask. So were to have all that during the party. And the great part was that we were served with great food from Good Friends Cafe. We had all the sweetness that we could. 

When our tummy's were full, the event started of with a small fashion show from Pink 'N' Proper. Of course everyone were already in there bathrobes and flip flops at that time. But not for the 10 selected bloggers that were models for Pink 'N' Proper. They wore the new collection of Pink & Proper and the dresses were all very pretty. 

Cantik right? After the fashion show, we then enjoyed our coupons. Since everyone else were rushing to get their nails done. Me and Kak Aida went upstairs and had a facial. Yeayyyyy!!! That was my very first time having a facial and of course I was excited since it was absolutely free. A big yeayyy for Aspen Spa Asia. The person who treated me was very polite and she didn't even make me feel awkward. 
Ok, sekarang rasa macam nak treatment lagi. I never thought that will a facial I could feel so relaxed.

Ok actually this pic nak buat like before and after facial, but tak nampak kan? Haha.. Just look the expression of the face la kot. I felt a lot energetic and relaxed after the facial. Serious, tak tipu. After that we headed back downstairs and beratur untuk pedicure pula. And since that was my first time also, so of course la excited. Macam cacing kepanasan tunggu turn for pedicure, so during that wait, I made a few more friends.

With unlimited prints from Fotobox, we certainly enjoyed this the most. Tengoklah, dah berapa banyak pic dah ambil. And I came to now ada je blogger from UiTM Shah Alam. Hehe.. Hope to see more of these faces soon.

After I got my pedicure done, it was time for gifts. They had lots of lucky draws, but I wasn't so lucky that day. But its okay since I own a pair of Havaianas now, I'm just happy since I still won it.

Just love wearing these flip flops! So, a lot of these girls took away something home. The prizes were awesome and congrats Kak Aida for winning the Instagram contest. I also tried for the contest, but excited punya pasal, I forgot that my Insta was private. LOL,  bila sedar baru terasa kebodohan diri sendiri.

Anyways the prizes were awesome! And also the goodies! I bought home a bunch of beauty products and had the pleasure trying them at home.

Wohoaaa.. Great right? I loved everyone of it! We had something from The Body ShopOnlyBeauty MalaysiaJohnson Body CareSalvatore Ferragamo Parums and also TT Mask Malaysia.

The party was really really awesome! Rasa macam tak nak balik. With a great party planner from Tres Chic The Party Planner the event wasn't dull at all. And a great environment inside Posh! Spa that made us cosy and comfortable during the party.
I really had great fun last s\Saturday and enjoyed it very much. I spend so little time on stuff like these and hanging out with girls, but now I feel like I wanna have something like this everyday.

So thank you Illy and Tammy for the invite to this awesome awesome party!
And I wanna join  more events like this in the future pleaseeeeeeee... :P

And again, thank you for giving me an awesome weekend!



  1. Waa.. Jealous2.. Sedih tak dapat pegi.. Tsk tsk :'(

  2. omg..bestnya..hadiah best juga ni..;)


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