28 July 2013


So.. If you guys have been following my Instagram of course you will have guessed right?
Cause this is actually my first time introducing Gary to my blog.

Tadaaaaa.. Meet Gary.
I always wanted a cat for myself and finally a friend of mine gave me Gary.
At first I thought it was a male, cause my friend said so, that's why I called him Gary

Then when Gar grew out, it turned out she was a female instead. Haha.. Confused of Gender

This cat is so so naughty, dulu masa bela dekat Shah Alam dulu, this cat tak reti nak takut, eventhough there was a bigger cat that didn't like her.
First step on training her was to poop at her sand. And it took quiet a while. And masa kecik, her body was weak and always kena cirit-birit. Bila dah kena tu, aku la yang seksa, cause dia berak merata-rata.
So I frequently changed her food, namakanlah semua makanan kucing, semua aku dah bagi. Yang peliknya, this cat don't want to eat biscuits, dia nak tuna juga. And dekat kuat makan, every hour mesti buat muka kesian with that big eyes minta makanan. 
The funny part is, Gary tak pandai mengiau, kucing bisu, but when dia dah lapar, dia akan mengiau soft gila minta simpati.
Dulu masa Gary stay dekat Shah Alam with me, tiap-tiap subuh I'll feed her before I'll go to UiTM. Usually from 6.30am to 4pm every weekday I'll be at UiTM since I'm so lazy to ulang-alik, one more factor sebab parking non ado. 
So when I can back at the afternoon, I'll start calling out 'Gary.. Gary..." before I even open the door. Then I'll hear her replying back with soft meowss... Semangat sikit bila balik rumah, hilang segala preassure ada yang menyambut. 
When I open the door she'll come straight at me, and I know why since dia lapar, kesian dia. Sometimes tak sampai hati pun ada.

Then, there was a week when I had to leave her at my mum's place since I went to Kelantan that week. After that my mum tak kasi bawa balik Shah Alam, she said that I was toturing her since this cat eats a lot. The only problem is with Gary is that dia makan memilih. If I leave her biscuits just like that, haraammmm tak kan disentuhnya, but if gaul dengan tuna only she will eat.
So if I bawa dia balik Shah Alam, I can't leave Tuna opened like that the whole day, nanti bersemut. So what to do, pasrah jela.
The first week without Gary dekat Shah Alam terasa macam I've lost someone important. Bila balik rumah, sometimes terlupa yang Gary dekat rumah mak, panggil then panggil tak menyahut. Bila sedar Gary tak ada, hilang semangat balik.

So every weekend mesti nak balik sebab rindu Gary. Then lama-lama dah terbiasa dah. Mak selalu mengadu Gary nakal sangat. Habis rumah tunggang langgang dia main lari-lari, then dia buli kucing-kucing lain, and dia sangat sangat suka main air. If mak siram bunga dekat depan, dia pun berlari-lari ke air sampai satu badan basah. So then cakap dengan mak, 'biar kaklong bawa dia balik Shah Alam' then mak kata 'tak payah!'.. haha.. sebenornya dah sayang.
Bukan mak je, ayah pun sama. Kemain diaorang sayang kucing ni sampai beli macam-macam untuk Gary. Ayah dengan mak tiap-tiap malam sebelum masuk tidur mesti main cak-cak dengan Gary. Serious, Gary pandai main cak-cak.
Sedar tak sedar dah 7 bulan dah Gary, and makin lama main gemok. So now we call him Gary Gemok, somtimes Gemok je. Now, dia dah kurang main, dah malas, kerja dia makan and tidur. Mak pulak manjakan dia, every hour mesti panggil Gary, 'Gary, come eat'. Kucing tu pun faham then straight ke dapur.

Since Gary sekarang sangat malas, and malas nak main, so we like to bully her and force her to play. Dia pun pasrah je dengan muka redho, dia tak pernah nak melawan if we hug her, or we put her in a bag, or under a box or something. That makes it more fun.

Ada banyak lagi pics actually. Mostly they are on my Insta. So do follow me there.
Ok peeps. Bye then!



  1. skrg nama nya apa?Girlzz ke Gary juga..hehe

  2. Kalau ada sekor lagi boleh bagi nama Ji Hyo pulak,
    Gary + Ji Hyo = pewit

    1. Kalau ada lagi sekor, nak namakan mongji.. hehe


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