25 July 2013

Churpers Day Out With Chatime and MBBT Art Exhibition

Wohooo.. I'm backkk...
Okay, so this blogpost has been delayed actually.
I attended churpers day out last two weeks back and this is actually my first event with churp churp.

It was my first time and I had awesome fun!
One more thing that got me more excited to go was that, I have heard of chatime loads of time. My friends post it on twitter and insta, but believe it or not, I have never tried any before.
So I was kinda eager to taste their new flavour for that event, Durian Smoothie and Honeydew Milk Tea. Yummy!

So the event was held at Publika, and at the same time there was also an MBBT Art Exhibition there, Makanlah Buah Buahan Tempatan. Since I am an Art Student now, I kinda wanted know what an Art Exhibition looks like.

This event was held to celebrate the 100th outlet of chatime and you see, even the cover of the drinks have churp-churps bird on it. Cute right?
The new taste durian smoothie was sweet and the honeydew milk tea was refreshing. Loved both of them. After we all had our free drinks, we were then bought to the Art Exhibition.
Here are some of the Art displayed

Texture from Durian

All these art are based on local fruits, to encourage us Malaysian to support local fruits.

They were even selling merchandises like t-shirt and notebooks as well. All of the designs were unique and just nice. Just wished I could have grabbed one of their shirts.

So that's mostly it, sorry for the low quality pictures.
I only have my tab to depend on now.

Till then, bye peeps!


  1. Publika always the best place for art & design..;)

    1. Really? Sebelum2 ni mmg ada exhibition jugak eh?

  2. Wah! best weh. Rugi tak pergi. Boleh jumpa Citcit..

  3. publika?? memang biasa pergi event kat sini :)

    1. Really, actually ni first time ke publika


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