17 July 2013

Azam Raya with Watsons & Faizal Tahir

Happy Ramadhan blog readers.
Well, during this fasting month, Watsons has a little something prepared for you guys to have a super raya this year.
What? Well...

So who's a fan of Faizal Tahir?
I'm sure you'll be glad to hear this. 'Azam Raya Bersama Watson' will be a campaign by Watson during this whole fasting month where they encourage you guys to share with them your raya resolutions on their Facebook Page.

Faizal Tahir is the celebrity ambassador for this campaign and he will be composing a unique raya song which he will sing at Watson's Open House celebration this raya. And for those who participate in this event by posting your resolutions at their page, you guys get a RM5 worth beauty care voucher.
This will get you more excited, guess what? There will be a winner among all the resolutions posted and that lucky winner will stand a chance to have an open house fully sponsored by Watson at your own home! The best part is, Faizal Tahir will also be coming down as well and perform there.

That's what was told during the launch at Pavillion last week.  Thank you Watson for the invite.
There were lots of familiar faces and of course we all had fun as well.

I of course was very happy since the food was super duper sedaaaapppp!
I ate sampai bertambah-tambah.

Anyways, for you guys who are already excited about this campaign, don't hesitate to go to Watson's Facebook Page for more info. This campaign will be running from 18 July till raya. So you have one whole month to post your best resolutions. Who knows you might be the one hosting a free open house this year with you fav celeb.

To think of it, I wanna try out too since I've never done a open house before. Surely will be the greatest Raya everrrrrrr..

And and... I forgot to mention that Watsons will be having a Hari Raya Celebration with Faizal Tahir on the 6th of September at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru. And those who wanna go can get tickets to attend if you purchace RM30 and above from Watsons participating brands during their major Raya Sale from 18 July to 2 September.

Getting better right?
So don't miss out on their event and start thinking of your Raya resolution now!

And again, thank you Watsons for inviting me, and it surely will have regretted if I missed out on this. Hope to have more upcoming events like this from you guys.
Till then, bye peeps!

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P/s: This post was sponsored



  1. hai hai hai..tak sempat pun nak berkenal kenalan on that day...hope dapat jumpa di next event..

    salam perkenalan from Alyza Fisol...


  2. best sgt event tu..semua blogger pun peramah dan xsombong..;)

    1. Yuppp.. event kali ni sangat best. Terutama makanan dia.. hehe

  3. Eee i look so bulat. Double chinnnnn -_-

  4. Eeee.. Mana ada u bulat! Comel je. :)

  5. Alamak! I dalam picture nampak dagu panjang mcm witch! Oh My God! hahaha.

    1. Eh, x laaaaa.. u perasan ke tu, cute laaaaaa :)

  6. Hello! Greetings from Singapore.
    Beautiful blog you have. I can see that from the picture, the food seems tasty. Hehe.

    Shikin Kikin | shikinkikin.blogspot.sg

  7. The food was really tasty indeed.. Thank you btw for reading my blog, will visit u back :)


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