01 June 2013

Twisties Superstarz X Showdown

Last Saturday at Aquasonic Sunway Pyramid the Twisties Superstarz X Showdown was held.  I was given the opportunity to watch the 6 finalist battle live with Syafiq.

For those who listen to Hitz.fm every day like I do, you guys will surely know or heard about this right. Anyways, so last Friday was the finale battle to determine the final winner.

So here are the 6 finalist

They are coached by Altimet and also Prema Yin, and surely with them coaching it would have turned out into a great performance.

The show for that night started of with a performance by Altimet himself. It really boosted our mood for that night.

The show was hosted by.... guesss... tadaaaaa.... its Jinny Boy.. could say that he has been hosting a lot these days, but he is a great host though

And of course, what is a singing competition without panel of judges right? And here are the panel for that night

And so sorry, the judge behind the camera is actually Dina Malaysian Idol dulu, I couldn't seen to get a good angle from my place.

Anyways, the show for that night started with The Diary of Us

They may look like a sweet couple, but actually their siblings. Can you believe that? For that night they performed an acoustic song. It was sweet an entertaining.

And a catchy performance by Lina, it was energetic and the crowd seemed to enjoy it much.

Then up next was Joey, she was fantastic, she made an acoustic mash up of tons of songs. I don't know how much but it was superb and she really had a great voice.

From all the performances I loved Kyle's. He performed a legend love song, and he did select a good song, I mean a great song. He totally killed it with his performance that night, his voice was great, his song was great and he totally reached out to his audience.

Then the stage was took by Syah from Shah Alam, he sung an acoustic version as well. Ok la.

Then for the last performance for that night. The girl with the most fans, when she came out the crowd was screaming out her name Young! That night she song girl on fire and yes she was on fire with the crowd couldn't stop screaming her name.

Overall the show was good for round one, then there was round 2 where all these 6 finalist needed to battle among each other with the same song.

After that they had a performance by Prema Yin. After that they had the prize session for the contestants. Seem like Joey won big for that night. Congrats to Kyle, and also the Diary of Us for also winning the other categories.

But a really big congrats to Joey since she won the battle for that night.

It was a great show for that night.

And here is a video of what happened that night

Also watch it on YouTube

And for you guys that want to know more, you guys can head down to Twisties 
I want to thank twisties for inviting me to this event. Hope I will get more invites from you in the future.

P/s: This post was sponsored


  1. thanks for sharing this info as ive been quite outdated now:( btw jum join segment mya:))


  2. ruginya tak pergi. dah dpt tiket. tapi x pergi. kalau x boleh jumpa mira. heheh

  3. Letams: hehe..

    Izzati: Itulah, kenapa tak pergi.. kan dah rugi


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