21 June 2013

My Havaianas Experience

Wohoooooo.. I'm Back!
I still got a week to go for my finals and I've been busy with my final projects. Even though I'm so close of going insane right now with all these piled projects, I still can bare it cause...

I've been invited to The Butterfly's Project Spa Party. Remember my blogpost for Spa Party and Why I want Havaianas? OMG, when I received the email I couldn't believe it at all, I even slapped my face twice since I was competing with more senior bloggers. So you can tell how happy I am right?

On top of that, what I still cannot believe is that I was one of the selected 20 that won myself a pair of Havaianas. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. I was screaming like a mad person when I knew.

So this is me sharing My Havaianas Experience,
I needed to choose myself a pair of a Havaianas Slim flip flops but it could only be collected at Pavillion KL.
I really avoid going to KL but since I really wanted these flip flops, I went to KL for this only. :D

When I reached Pavillion, well I admit that I did wonder around to find the shop since I think I've only been there 3 times. LOL.. Anyways, the shop is just near the main entrance. Just take an escalator to one floor up.
So when I finally found the shop I forgot about asking for my flip flops, I went straight to look around.

You see.. With all these choices, which girl won't forget. Then I realized my purpose and asked about my flip flops. The customer service was great, she gave my choices between Pink, Black, Grey, White and Gold. Well I've already made up my mind that I was going for the Slim White while I was browsing the Havaianas Website but then I saw the Gold flip flops. It was like shining brighter than the white one. And when I was asked which one I wanted, I instantly said GOLD! I said that without realizing, and when I tried it on I instantly fell in love with it. Without no hesitation I confirmed for the Slim Beige a.k.a the Gold Flip flops.

It so rare to find that kind of colour, plus it makes my feet more.. ummm.. I don't have the word to describe, but I have small feet, so of course I want footware that makes my feet more.. Uhhh... I can't see to come up with the word. The point is, its nice to have this kind of colour, its different and tacky! Yes.. The word is tacky! LOL.. I think now that I'm just writing everything that pops in my head.

Why are there no pictures? Can you see the excitement? I forgot about my camera of course. These pictures Syafiq took it for me since he knows I'll regret that I didn't even took a single pic. I was so busy looking around, and I found the flip flops that I wanted at first when I saw it in the website. I'm not so sure if it is the same flip flops but it does look similar,

Its Metal Mesh Silver Havaianas.

These flip flops were displayed at a different section and it cost RM200++ as I remembered. OMG!! But seriously its so so so pretty. I'm not so sure if its the same flip flops but it has the bling bling, it also looks like diamonds. Waaaaa.. Really pretty.

I sampai cakap dekat Syafiq nanti hantaran kahwin I want a pair of these Havaianas. I don't care, on my wedding day I wanna wear these flip flops.

This sculpture really caught my eye. Really, now I got an idea for my project. Cool right? I wanna collect a different colour each year after this.

So for this experience I wanna that Havaianas and also The Butterfly Project  for this experience.
This is my first time experiencing Havaianas and its the most comfortable flip flop I have ever worn.
Can't wait to wear this for the Spa Party in a week to come!

Thank you again for making me a happy girl!



  1. Today is the last day n im still not redeeming it, hahaha... Warna gold yg mira beli tu mcm cantik... Btw, see ya :)

  2. nice write up babe :P Glad you love your Havaianas Experience :)


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