06 June 2013

Innershine Camu Camu Launch

First of all I would like to thank InnerShine for this great event. To you guys out there, Innershine has just launched their new product that is InnerShine Prune Essence with Camu Camu.

What is InnerShine Camu Camu, I'll talk about that later in the post. Now about the invites to this great event. The invitation cards were super cool.

We each received a mask and an InnerShine pin, including a white glove. So how is that for an invite. Really cool.

The launch was done at the Grand Millennium Hotel KL and the launch started of with a performance by ultimate where he sang his song 'cantik' then revealed the new ambassador for InnerShine. She surely was really beautiful on stage that made everyone jaw drop.

So the guests were to wear elements of purple for that night and since purple was my favorite colour I got more excited to dress up for that night. I came with Hanis Nasuha and sat a table with the other bloggers also including Rawlins and also Kifli Mally and a few of bloggers that I have met for the first time. I'm not actually good intoducing myself for the first time, its awkwardness is hard to handle.

And during the event we were served with some delicious food and also entertained by some performances, I also got the chance to meet Yuyu Zulaikha, who doesn't know her right? I've been reading her blog for over a year now.

The best part was when the InnerShine models came in and gave each guest a gift box. You guys are totally gonna envy us. hehe..

Each of us received an exclusive butterfly necklace and three bottles of InnerShine. I was so happy just seeing the necklace, now I can replace my old necklace that I have regret given away to someone who doesn't appreciate it. Yeayyy!! Its purple and has a butterfly, sangat cantik!

There were also other pretty bloggers at the event but I didn't had the chance to take pictures. I really am awful with first meets. Anis Athia was also there.

And there was also Shea. I really am a fan of her blog, just love looking it up. Can't believe I finally met her in person.

So after that I went back home and had a taster for myself. Wasn't bad at all, and it does taste better.

Who knows, maybe I can be beautiful as Izara Aisyah someday right? So maybe you guys are really curious why Inershine Camu Camu is said that it can make you beautiful. Well what most people don't know is that Camu Camu is known as a superfruit that only grows in the Amazon since that this fruit is rich in Vitamin C that contains 30 to 50 off more vitamin C than an orange. And what links Camu Camu with beauty is that Vitamin C strengthens the body immunity and helps to produce more collagen for a more soft and beautiful skin.

So that is why the InnerShine tagline is 

Kulit Cantik Menawan, Semua Tertawan. Innershine Camu Camu is a new innovation product from Cerebos. It is a prune essence drink with additional of Camu Camu goodness.
I do so want to look beautiful, which girl doesn't right? For those who can't wait to try for themselves, Inershine Camu Camu will be available at all hypermarkets and also farmasi. These products are sold for RM30.50 for 42ml x 6 bottles a pack and also RM57.90 for 42ml x 12 botols a pack.

Izara Aishah is now the face of Innershine and she really is a beauty. Bet you girls really want to pretty like her right?

Hope that I could look beautiful like her too with InnerShine Camu Camu.

For more info about InnerShine you guys could head down to www.inershine.com.my and also https://www.facebook.com/innershineclub?fref=ts
 Or you guys can just call Brand's Customer Service at 1-300-228-300.

So again, thank you again InerShine for this great event. Hope to receive more invites in the future.

P/s: This post was sponsored



  1. nice entry Mira..
    nak tnye ckit ni Mira art & dsign student kt mana?

  2. Dekat UiTM shah Alam.. kenapa ea? :)

  3. mira sepatutnya leya yang segan nak tegur... hehehe. apa2 pun lain kali kena tegur dan wajib amek gambar bersama

  4. Hahah.. kenapa pulak leya yg segan nak tegur? Mira baru lagi dlam event2 mcm ni. Hahaha... OK next time jumpa kita tegur k, and snap pic sekali

  5. heiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mira, bestkan event ni,awesome gila....dah abih ke pati prun tu?hikkk..serius sedapkan ...anyway,malam tu tak ckp byk sebabnya mulut sakitttttt,tapi makan tetap licin,hik

    eh,mira duk telok panglima garang?okeh, rumah lama onie disana...13 tahun duk TPG ^__^

  6. Eh ea ke? So budak telok la ni? Sekolah dekat telok ke dulu. Jap umur berapa?

  7. salam miraaaaaa ;)
    selamat berkenalann :) kita semeja yang kecoh kan. hahahah


  8. Ramai naw blogger cite pasal nie.


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