30 May 2013

Why I want a Havaianas!

Why I want a Havaianas!? What's that? For those who haven't heard, Havainas are the brand of these really cute flip flops! Well I think the correct word will be cool since its full of colours. I think  they have every colour available.

So I've been browsing through their website and fell in love! Awww... Its totally my taste, not to dull but not to fancy just perfectly simple and sweet. Just perfect, now I wish I can have all the colours for my everyday wear. Don't believe me head down to their website http://en-my.havaianas.com/en-MY/home/

And you can also follow them on twitter as well.

Anyways, back to my point. Why I want a Havaianes. Well first it superbly comfortable. One of my friends has a pair and she's wearing it everyday even with her dress on, it still looks nice.

I that's the main reason for the invention of flip flops, its suppose to be comfortable. So while I browsed through their website I fell in love instantly with Metal Mesh Silver Havaianes .


Plus, its hard to find flip flops like these that can be used as multiple purposes.  Since it looks elegant with the metal as the deco, I think that I'll finally be able to wear flip flops to class. Oh yeahhh.. A dream come true..

Well, this is my taste for Havaianas, how bout yours? There's plenty of other types of patterns that you can possibly fall for, but men, no fret cause you guys also can choose too. For the mens wear, I like this one

The Surf model, it looks super cool.  I'm thinking of giving this as a birthday present for my boyfriend would be great right? Anyway, there's a lot more you can check out  from their website. Not only that, there is also Havaianas for kids and babies.  They also have other products offered like towels and socks, you guys can check it out at their website.

The main reason why I'm joining this giveaway though cause my flip flops has worn out and its waiting time to  be thrown away. I've been using the same flip flops for almost 2 years now and I need a change. So that's why I don't wanna get those usual ones, I want one that will last long and also be always in trend. So then I'll feel comfortable when I'm walking. Cause flip flops are very important to me since their my main choice of footwear. So please Havaianas can I have a pair of these flip flops?

So for the other pretty ladies out there who wants a pair of flip flops too, surely you can, just hope down to The Butterfly Project Spa Party and try your luck.

All the best and wish me luck!


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