30 May 2013

The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

Ohhh yeayyyyyy!! A partaaayyyyyyyyy and and and just imagining it sounds awesome, what if I'm actually going there, it will will be super duper awesome!

Anyways, this is actually my first time hearing about The Butterfly Project, thanks to Anis Athia I found about this project while I was reading her blog. It looked so great that I want to participate too. So I started browsing and getting to know more about this event, and I came to know that The Butterfly Project has an event every month. Why don't I know about this before? Arghhhh.. This is to awesome and I missed out on a lot.

Anyways, about the Spa Party. What's so awesome? Well first this is an exclusive event where only 50 bloggers will be invited throughout Malaysia. And they are collaborating with awesome brands as well which adds another plus why I wanna go. And most of all, come on la, its a Spa Party, the main motive is to relax. And I surely do need that right now. Do you know how big my eyebags has become.

Just looking at the poster you guys can figure out the awesomeness.. I don't know why I keep on saying awesome but it really is awesome when you start more.

So first, its done at Posh! Nail Spa

To be honest I never had my nails done and I really wanna try, it must be great sometime to do something like this with a great environment.

Second we have IFS/ Idea Food Solution

OMG! Just looking at this makes me drool. I love great food, and I'm sure I'll be at the food corner most of the time. I do have a big appetite and so its a must to invite me. LOL

They also got Fotobox joining, how cool is that?

So this means pictures all day long.. Great! Awesome! This is really gonna be so so fun. Girls and camera and camwhoring is just perfect for a party.

What is a party without a great Party Planner right? That why they have Tres Chic the Party Planner

Just browsing through their blog makes me so eager to go now since these guys here put on really cool parties. Almost all of them looks so entertaining.

Girls will definitely  don't want to miss out since The Body Shop is also involved!

Seriously I don't want to miss out on this too. Their products are great! And I just love entering their store. Ok, I'm a big fan here.

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S® is also calibrating

Just love this product, I've been using it for a while now. What's a girl without lotion right?

Havaianas is also in the house.

Wohoaa.. Thinking bout it, I surely need a new pair of slippers and these will just be great! Just my taste.
And what makes it more great is that Havaianas is having their own blogger party which they will be giving out flip flops. How cool is that?

What are girls without cool clothes right? That's why Pink N Proper comes in.

I can't stand beautiful clothes, it all looks so tempting. I feel like I want the whole store.

A must have during a Spa Party is masks. And TT Mask Malaysia will be there. How great!

I heard about their mask before, they say its great, so I do really wanna have the chance to try it.

And there is also http://onlybeauty.com.my/

Head down to their website, cause their offering a lot of beauty products.

So that's all.. Do you see the awesomeness now with all these brands collaborating as well? Surely I do, so please please please let me participate as well in this Spa Party.

You see, you see.. I need time to relax and have fun. See how big my eye bags are?

So why are the reasons why I not miss this party?

Reason 1: Need to Chill, I've been so so busy lately with my studies that I don't have enough rest or even some fun time. I need to chill and relax myself. Have a bit of fun before I sit for my exams so I can score better, since I've treated myself well by going to this Spa Party.

Reason 2: Awesome Brands! I'll be crazy if I miss out on this one. I love trying out new things, that's why I love joining events. It makes me have more choices than what I usually know. For me its really fun receiving free samples of sorts since I can then change to a better brand from what I am using now.

Reason 3: Social Butterfly, hey, ain't all bloggers like that? I love it when it comes to event meeting new people and taking about random stuffs. Every time I meet a new person, I know a new thing. It feels great meeting new people actually, so that is why I don't want to miss this party since 49 other bloggers will also be participating. There must be a lot to talk about since we all have the same hobby, don't we?

So this is the reasons why I don't want to miss out on this Spa Party. So please The Butterfly Project, make me into a happy girl.

So, for other bloggers who also want to join in this Spa Party, you guys can head down here.
Good luck and don't forget to wish me luck too..





  1. Yeah, mira join jugak.. This event is awesome, can't wait for the result ^_^ good luck

  2. haha.hv fun naa kalau dapat.wa kat sini dok struggling nak final :'(

  3. Anis: Harap2 sama dapat. Ada jugak kawan nanti

    Elz: Kau belajar dulu, score betul2.. Goodluck beb


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