05 May 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

Hye peeps! Miss you guys, miss bloggy so so much.

So yet there is another contest from Nuffnang and Astro. And of course I wouldn't miss a chance to join these kind of events. Cause I Am An Unstoppable Explorer.

Well, why do I call myself that? I can say I am since I've been active in activities and event since I was a kid till now. I'll try to join anything possible that I have interest in.

So, when I was a kid, my dad took his PhD at University of London, and of course mum and my lil sis went along. There, dad took us to explore United Kingdom when he had time, and he had most of his time free unless if he was working.

From there I had interest going here and there, and dad surely takes lots and lots of pictures. When I look back those days I kinda miss it. Those were the only times one whole family when out on trips and it was great.

Then when we got back to Malaysia, dad started to get busy and also mum. So the only way I could go on exploring is by my own effort. I got active in school. I joined the drama club, the choir club, the debate club, the tennis club and the police cadet.

There was non-stop for me, I got the chance to travel during my school days, with school and also by joining contest.

Then when I finally got my hands on the Internet all the time, I started blogging. And whoaaaa.. It made my life fantastic.  Especially when I signed up for Nuffnang.  There isn't one event that I don't want to go. Sometimes its just time and commitment that holds me back.

Since I've started blogging, Nuffnang gave me the opportunity to go to loads of exciting places I had never went. And I also made new friends along the way.

My recent adventure was, a trip to Pulau Lang Tengah at Terengganu, I haven't explored much of Malaysia yet and this is actually my first time to an Island. So I experienced a lot of first times.

One of the challenges I had was snorkeling, yes that was my first time also. I barely now how to swim, or even balance my body on the water. Even though  I had a little bit of fear that I was gonna drown to death even with my life jacket on, I held up the courage to proceed. I thought they were gonna take us to the shallow areas, and there comes a big boat. And my heart started to beat fast.

They took us at the back of the Island, thought that the water wasn't so deep, the when I dunked my head, OMG its freaking high, Its like I was floating higher than my house. I freaked out, and drank a lot of salt water. Thought I was going to die there, but I came to my senses. I tried again and I overcame the fear, I tried to see the beauty of the sea. At first it was really hard since the waves were heavy and kept pushing me hard, then I managed to control myself and didn't want to come out of the water. It was the greatest experience ever.

The gadget I can also count on adventures is usually my camera. But since my camera started to malfunction I started to depend on my phone camera which was not very nice and the battery usually drains. So then I bought a tablet and its been great to me since now. The battery last long and the camera's great and since it has a bigger screen, its much better and I won't miss my favorite programs anymore with Astro On The Go, cause its with me anywhere I go.

There are loads more I wanna talk about, but I think that's enough. If I write everything down, it'll be like a textbook.

So for now peeps! Bye



  1. great experience! Good luck :)

  2. Tahniah dapt jumpa Mira kat sana memang best and seronok sgt event ni kan...And paling penting kita dah dpt apa kita nak capai tahniah...


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