14 March 2013

Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card Design #2nd

Hey peeps! So you can see that I'm really committed to this contest since I'm submitting my 2nd design.
So what will my youth credit card look like this time?
Jeng jeng jeng.........Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Let me introduce to you to the Live Your Life Credit Card. Why live your life? This credit card is suppose to be the key where youths will use to make their life feel totally alive. Come on, were young, ain't we suppose to be living our lives  as long as we still can?
So that's why I gave Live Your Life as its name so that users will always remember to appreciate the life that they have.

Let me explain to you about the design.

1. Black base? Why? I wanted it to have an elegant look.
2. At the same time I wanted it to look young, up to date, trendy and unisex, so that's why I chose the middle part to be that way. The combination of colours and the repeated patterns is a symbol of boys and girls.
3. Why speakers? Since music is a major part of youths today, I take that as a resemblance of youths. Music does colours a life and also helps people to live their life. Don you think?
4. Glitter? Do you see the white small dotted spots on the black base? Its suppose to be glitter. But the kind of plastic glitter, not the ones you paste by gum. Its just an extra add so it doesn't look so dull. And mostly the glitter is suppose to be so light that if you look close only you'll be able to see it.

So that's briefly about my design for this credit card.
I'm thinking of trying my luck and submitting another design soon.

Wish me luck!

p/s: I need your opinions on my design. Thank you


  1. mira..what a nice design..tgn seni tuuuu

  2. Good luck cik mira ;), i also submit my 2nd design haha persaingan sihat nie

  3. gudluck beb..nk join tapi takde masa nk buat :(

  4. cantiknya design :D design pakai apa? anyway good luck!


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